I'm a Jewish JesusFreak.
I love to Write, Develop Indie Games, & Create Art;
Someday, Lord willing, I'll finish a project.
A blackbelt



2022 Misao nomination monthly data

This'll be my first time seeing how the Misao works :P
I've also only been able to nominate a few that I knew from offsite, or was applicable from just looking at the page/title.

Secret Santa 2022

I've finally straggled in, finished.

Secret Santa 2022

OKAY! So, Frogge's wishlist is actually empty. That explains that.

I have 3129 games on my wishlist, if there's one thing it's not, it's empty XD

My steam wishlist is pretty big too... (maybe not THAT big though), Many of which are just stuff I'm vaguely interested in XD

But... aren't the gifts supposed to be focused on RMN site stuff, quote: "site-centric" ???

Secret Santa 2022

Sign me up as well...

I like: LEGOs, liberty musta been thinking of me :P
But to be serious, the one thing I really like is a good story. Whether that's in a horror game, rpg, FPS, or in Graphic novels, prose, etc. That's would be the best present :D
So games type gifts are fine... ( we can have Steam games ?)
Pixelart is awesome, same with manga and anime :P

Things I don't like:
Profanity, please don't.
Weak usage of tropes :P (put SOME thought to it at least)
NSFW... I need to avoid that, especially, for personal reasons.

(Can't think of anything else right now, though I totally feel like something will come to mind later :d )

RMN Underwater Pixel Quilt 2022

Looks great!

Now where's Jeroen_Sol at?

RMN Underwater Pixel Quilt 2022

Are D3 and E5 still free?

If you're trying to avoid repeats then I guess I could do one, but you are forewarned no one has ever accused me of being an artist.

Back in May 12, OP said this. \/

Let's first go and advertise again on the Discords.

But if we do have to do duplicates, I'm claiming D3 for my girlfriend since she also wanted a go at it!

So Maybe D3 is claimed, but it's been a while.
E5 is definitely still free though.
edit: And go ahead! We'll be the first ones to accuse you of being one then :P

RMN Underwater Pixel Quilt 2022

I decided to go ahead and make one. A filler for the 'Unclaimed' C1 tile.
Hopefully this is ok.

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