Hello fellow RPG Makers, my name is Neo_Kumorious_6000
but my friends call me Kumori!
I'am not particularly well known but hey maybe that'll change,
who knows!!!

I like Skateoarding, 8-bit Computers,
Basketball and Chiptune.

I really like to push RPG Maker VX Ace to its limits
by using all sorts of technical gimmicks.
Currently I'am trying to reboot my series
"Planet Stuck" with a new quality sequel every year!!!

Some of my favorite games include
Drymouth, Flimbo's Quest, Rainbow Island,
Shantae, Pokemon Gold, Mother
And last but not least Harvest Moon 3!!!

I'am not much of an anime or manga person,
but I do love me some Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
and Fist Of The North Star..

If you wan't to contact me I'am always open!!!