"GONE: A grim cat with fluff. It has a curling tail and moves flirtively. On the cat is the image of finely designed stripes. BEWARE ITS CLAWS. Mittens is associated with snooze, theft and murder." ... "And the angel said to him, 'Stop hitting yourself!' But he could not stop, for the angel was hitting him with his own hands." ... "Cave Story is a jumping-and-shooting action game. Explore the caves until you reach the ending. You can also save your game and continue from where you left off."
Fake Happy End
In the middle of the sky, stood a... 'tower' of sorts...
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On Acting as Leader for Team Projects
An overview on the responsibilities of a team project leader.
07/14/2008 12:00 AM
How to Finish a Game
Pointers on ways to stay motivated.
11/10/2009 08:04 AM
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