"GONE: A grim cat with fluff. It has a curling tail and moves flirtively. On the cat is the image of finely designed stripes. BEWARE ITS CLAWS. Mittens is associated with snooze, theft and murder." ... "And the angel said to him, 'Stop hitting yourself!' But he could not stop, for the angel was hitting him with his own hands." ... "Cave Story is a jumping-and-shooting action game. Explore the caves until you reach the ending. You can also save your game and continue from where you left off."
Fake Happy End
In the middle of the sky, stood a... 'tower' of sorts...


In AD 2101, war was beginning. The kingdom of good fought the kingdom of evil, an epic battle which would last aeons. Finally th

Let's talk about game intros. First, a quote I've said somewhere else on this site:

The biggest problem I have with a lot of games that has you sitting through an intro before any gameplay starts is that, I have no reason to 'care' yet about the characters or setting. Of course, this isn't always the case (say the intro starts out with a bang or a really interesting development, that's a good way to catch my focus). But frequently I'm finding I just want to get going with the game, and only after I've gotten a feel for how it plays/ how the characters respond/ developed an attachment to them, do I maybe want to hear about their situation.

Anyone else like this? Typically, most intros will establish a setting, introduce the main character and his/her situation, then maybe drop you into a tutorial or two before finally letting you take proper control and explore the game. Am I alone in thinking this is the absolute worst way to hook your players? Usually when I play a game, I want to do just that: play it. Not sit through a lecture on what some evil kingdom is up to or what this dude had for lunch last week. Of course there's cases where a game opens with an interesting development which then makes me want to pay attention to what else the intro has to say. But personally, I find that to be a rather rare thing indeed.


What're you all still doing here

Name's Neok. I lived here some years ago, made some embarrassing games, then ran off to who knows where for a couple years.

Stuff happened. Eventually I picked up VX Ace, and recently started fiddling around with it. And it.



So much so that I kinda wanna get back into making embarrassing games again. So that might happen sometime. Anyways, I recognize a bunch of names here.

Hiiiii you guys~. *Waves* (Also hi to you cool new folks who I don't know.)

Anyways to celebrate coming back, I'm going away on vacation for 2 weeks, leaving tomorrow for San Diego Comicon! (To be honest, I kinda wanna just stay home and keep tinkering with Ace. Soooo good...)

Alter A.I.L.A. Variant

(Okay just kidding about that last one. Here's the real one)

Please go to my DA page if you want to track this on a regular basis ( I'll still post pages here as well, but it'll be in batches (whereas I'll be uploading pages to DA as I complete them).

I made a shield (emblem)!

I am also a humongous nerd, as you'll see shortly.

So for one of my fourth year projects, I needed to draft up a shield design and have it machined. The shield dimensions are specified, but we're allowed to choose what to put on the front as an engraving.

I chose this loveable fella here:

So first we had to model it in CAD.

Here's what it looks like once all the magic is done.

Simulation of the shield looks okay. Time to machine!

So we're just starting out here and already there's a small mountain of metal chips and scraps.

You can see the outline of the shield taking form here. Note, I screwed up and didn't make my pocketing toolpath big enough, and as a result, it left that edge jutting out the side. Gah!

It gets machined off anyways so it's not really a problem. It's just bad for the tool to take off that much metal in one go.

And here's Jack Frost in all his metallic glory! I'll probably lose a few marks for poor choice of toolpaths but it's okay. The power of Jack Frost will more than make up for the marks that I need.

RMN Comic Collaboration - The Dalek Fad Edition!

RMN Comic Collaboration - The Dalek Fad Edition!

Dalek Fro/Fad: A 16 year old bucktoothed nerd on an unending quest to lose his virginity. Tries to avoid trouble, and yet trouble always seems to find him one way or another. No one (not even his own headband) can seem to decide whether his last name is Fro or Fad.

Titanic Dad: 35 year old veteran of the parenting world. His real name is unknown to the denizens of Dalek Fad, but we know that it's Max Power. Often appears to help out Dalek in his everyday problems. Has a kid back home.

The current comic is underway with new adventures for our fave duo, but what happened to them before they got cut off by massive personified genitalia? This is the thread where we find out!

If you are unfamiliar with Comic Collab, check out this, or this, or this (First appearances of our dynamic duo!), or that.

Remember, folks.
-You have four days. And by that, I mean as long as you want until someone starts complaining.
-Dimensions should be 8.5 by 11 inches or 612 by 792 pixels.
-Please post YOUR PAGE in the topic when you are finished so we can keep up with progress!
-Also, please PM the next person in line so that they know to start their page.

Special Dalek Rules!
-Each page must show some kind of continuation of the story established in the previous pages. You can cut to scenes that don't involve the main characters (such as sinister monologues by a mysterious shadowy villian), but it should be somehow relevant to the story.
-Keep it work-safe please. I've had more than enough giant talking penis-heads to last my lifetime, thanks.



Here's the sign up sheet:
1. Nessiah (RESCUED)
2. Neok (RESCUED)
3. Tardis
4. Lennon
5. AABattery
6. Ketsumio


Please sign up in this thread. I think it'll probably be better if the people who are further down on the other list get priority here, just so that they don't end up having to do 2 pages at the same time.

The Yellow Bucket Man

Sometime back in mid-January, I died for about 2 months and came back to life. All those stories about the dark lord being resurrected and immediately kicking the heroes' collective asses are bull, because dying and reviving makes you VERY WEAK. Like, lose all your exp back to level 1 weak. So recently, I've been swimming everyday at the local community pool in order to rebuild my internal empire.

Recently, I've noticed that while the denizens of the pool tend to change relative to the days of the week, there is one who consistently shows up in order to fulfill his daily ritual.

The Yellow Bucket Man.

To give you an idea of his appearance, picture a tall, well-built black man, not unlike the one featured in those Old Spice commercials:

Impressive, yes? But there's something odd about him. You see, right now I'm on break recovering, and starting school again next month, so I'm free everyday to go at a time when most normal citizens would be slaving away in their cubicles for rent wages. So it should really just be the elderly and housewives that tend to swim at this time. Well there's no shortage of those folks, but Yellow Bucket Man (from now on abbreviated YBM) also shows up, seemingly everyday. I think there might've been one day where I didn't see him, but I could've just missed him/not been paying attention.

Anyways, he shows up everyday. But he doesn't swim. Nope. Instead what YBM does, is stand in the wading pool, and baptizes himself repeatedly with the poolwater, using a yellow bucket. He will do this the entire time he's there. Or at least, the entire time I'm there to witness this spectacle. I usually swim for half an hour, and my start time tends to vary a bit. But every time, I have seen him come in and do this. Or already be at it, and still be at it when I leave.

What is he doing? Is this some kind of religious practice normal people don't hear about? Is he just messing with us? I mean, pool admission costs something like 2$ everyday, so.. I just don't know what to make of this.

What do you guys think?

Modern/Future Sprites, Scenery and Sound Effects

Just thought I'd throw down some resources for people to work with. The vast majority of this stuff works with 2k3, but you can probably make it work for XP or VX. A lot of these are also in their raw form, and will need editting to make them work in the engine of your choice.

Enemy Sprites:
A mass of enemy sprites. A lot of robots, but a few organic types as well.


Lots of uncompiled scenery, mainly side-scrolling and modern/futuristic. Also a bunch of panoramas. Will need some kind of image editting software to compile these into something usable.


Battle Animations:
Massive pile of battle animations ranging from fire spells to lightning, to piercing and slashing attacks, to hearts and circles and what not. Again, will need some kind of image editting software to compile these into something usable. By far the most massive download.


A large pile of sounds organized into ambient effects, battle, system, etc.

Massive collection of japanese Midi's.

Hey guys, I'm running away.


EDIT: I'll be back in like.. half a year I guess.

I will talk at you [skype thread]

For those not in the know-how, skype's a program that basically acts like a telephone for your computer.

So who here uses it? Let's chat sometime.

my skype info: gmhtam

Download Size Limit

Is there still a limit on a game's download size. I vaguely recall there originally being one, but what about now?
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