The official English 2k3 version is out!

next thing we know neophyte will post in this topic

wow i miss neophyte
I miss you, too.

I saw this on Steam and wanted to check what you guys thought. I honestly haven't touched an RPG Maker in a few years (kinda difficult when you run your own business now), but I am in full support of this even though I am 99% sure I will never use RM2K3 again. Basically echoing what Magi said.

If memory serves me correctly, Agility was extremely bugged. High enough variance caused ATB gauges to slow dramatically. The best way the veterans got around this bug was to set characters and enemy agilities to 1-10 and no higher. This made the ATB run at an acceptable speed back then. Seeing as there was almost no difference in actions per turn if you knocked some random characters agility to 100, it made the most sense and didn't slow the atb as much.

Still nice to see friendly faces here.

Rainfall: The Sojourn Kickstarter ad !

my bro ghost trolled ya'll hard. got fat cash, then left ur mum with the bag. stay mad m8s.

lol dude please come and chat with us.

Anyway, I've known Ghost for years now. He always had a good vision on things, even when we battled on old forums about meaningless things. This kickstarter is literally a replica of a 2006 screenshot topic, except people now throw money at your face.

Even when we constantly chatted, I would tell him that I knew the project would fail. I would be half joking when I said it, but it always held some truth. I was not a good supporter! Still, if you never had a working demo of your previous projects out... with thousands of ripped tiles from every SNES game out there, as well as thousands of music files to import into your rpgmaker project, then of course a project like this would fail. That's why half of the update rant in the rainfall post doesn't hold up. Even with all of that content made, it wouldn't have mattered much.

He knows he messed up, but at this point it is a little too late.

"mo money, mo problems" - Notorious B.I.G


I've seen worse blatant rip-offs of character styles.

See: Terraria characters.

Looking Back: Vaporware Special Part One

There is a lot I have to say about this, but I agree to an extent. I can't speak for the other projects listed, but my game has almost 300 maps and about 4 hours of gameplay. Half of that could only be played if you hopped around in the editor. It crashed and burned because I spent too long making it. Ideas changed, concepts and designs were altered, and was just a huge mess! It was a failed experiment, but it was something I learned a lot from.
I'm very happy to read this, I have very longly wondered why quite a few of the funnest, prettiest, most innovative and inspired rpgs I've played were demos, I now have at least one explanation : in a way, too good for the engine...

A lot of times demos can be a death wish. Most people are fueled by that "first time" release of their product. That's why screenshot topics are so popular, creators need a way to release a little bit of whatever they're working on to fuel themselves. Once you release a demo though, there's a lot less fuel you can go on. Based on feedback and hype level afterwards, this can lead to a lot of people giving up their game, regardless of how good it is or can actually be.

@Neophyte - Woah, didn't expect to see you pop up. I have more screenshots of that particular version if you're interested? Also your story is exactly like mine with my last project. It was a mess in the end but was oh so pretty and ambitious.

Haha, no I don't want anything to do with that version. I am glad it is dead.

You made me sad Neophyte! I, too, had hope you'd complete your game and it was one of the major reasons I periodically return to these forums! Ah well, at least we all know now. I have to ask though: how did the battle system end up? Is it playable? It'd be really fun to have a short demo just showing off the work you did in that.

The battle system was playable. I had 5 dungeons done, 3 of which were complete with battles, puzzles, story, etc. But the battle system...ran into a plethora of issues. I might possibly do a video of what I had done.

i remember neo showing a screenshot of the battle code once and it was literally 300 pages of events. it was pretty bonkers.
Well, RM2K3 is terrible. No human being should be forced to do the amount of workarounds needed to create a stable battle system in that engine.

I started off creating the project when there were no RM2K3 patches. So a lot of the animations were done using battle animations and a lot of the code had to be done through battle events. Cherry came along and created this great thing called the picture patch, which reduced the amount of work I had to do by 99%. It changed a lot of core mechanics of the battle system. But at this point, my game already had a lot of gameplay done. I would have had to literally remake the entire game (which I started to do, and quickly conceded) for things to work again.

A lot of it though really came down to how RM2K3 was constantly fighting back at every little thing I tried to do. I was a defender of the product for a long time, but even I have come to the conclusion that it's terrible. The default battle system doesn't even work correctly if you have 3-4 party member or set it to ACTIVE. Not to mention it can't even do basic math correctly. I think Neok said it best after he finished AAG and talked about the frustrations he came across in RM2K3 and ambitious games in general.

Looking Back: Vaporware Special Part One

Wow, I don't even think I have those screenshots of my game anymore. Those screenshots look terrible. Granted, they were probably from around 2005, but they are still terrible!

This was one of the last thing I created. Also from a few years back.

well, i think neo is still working on his game. like, it's still a work in progress so i would not consider it vaporware. fact is people still enjoyed when he posted content on the gw screenshot threads.

No, I stopped working on my project in 2009. I got sick of using RPG Maker, none of the versions were able to keep up with my goals. If I ever start on a project again, it wouldn't be targeted towards the RM community (no offense). The reason I stopped visiting here and other communities like this one was because I grew out of RM, and was looking towards broader goals.

Still, as a creator, I respect makers who come up with finished products more than ones who come up with a few really good looking screens here and there. A beautifully crafted game is great, but it doesn't mean shit if no one ever gets to experience it.
I very much agree with this. To the point where I've never really understood this community's fixation on vaporware of ages past.

There is a lot I have to say about this, but I agree to an extent. I can't speak for the other projects listed, but my game has almost 300 maps and about 4 hours of gameplay. Half of that could only be played if you hopped around in the editor. It crashed and burned because I spent too long making it. Ideas changed, concepts and designs were altered, and was just a huge mess! It was a failed experiment, but it was something I learned a lot from.

Let me help you. People like to brag when they have a big project on their hands (this is how people validate themselves). Video games are usually a big project. They require teams of people even if an engine is already made. The bigger the bubble, the higher the expectations. You combine all of this with final fantasy starved 12 year olds and you get a clusterfuck of screenshot topic nostalgia collapsing in on itself.

At least there's something to take from when it comes to demos tho.

I think the only person who has bragged about their project would probably be chains of fate when he was making some Chrono sequel. It is usually not the creators intent to brag about a project (if they are, they are a fool). But if something looks cool, or if the work looks to be at a level higher than what surrounds that individual, it is often perceived as coming off as bragging.

btw the first rpgmaker game I played was Epoch. I'm glad someone remembers classics such as these...

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

RM2K3 evolved into an experimental type of engine years ago. What people do with it now is just to 'wow' a person who thought something wasn't possible in 2k3. If somebody wanted to make a full game with it, it would have been done before the year 2007.

This plugin fits right in with that niche. Nothing wrong with that. :)

It was fun

# of MD game developers before WC: 0
# of MD game developers after WC: 1


Phantom's Legacy Redux, an Update

Actually, a new development has come to light.

Nightblade has, unfortunately, left Meridian Dance and will now be posting Phantom Legacy on Amaranthia. We tried contacting Nightblade for a response to this, but it appears he has blocked all communications.

What are you thinking about right now?

Why must we sling mud at each other...what does this prove...

My best game making friends are now gone while I am away for the weekend. I'm crying in the bathroom right now. I wish I could have been there. ;(

need sleep.

What happens next

I think most of the mistakes came from miscommunication between you and the players. I don't think anybody understood the mummy puzzle, and there were issues with the barrier boss. You gave hints, but finding the hints were a puzzle themselves. You have to be a little more upfront about certain mechanics. But like Darken, I still really enjoyed this. Expanding into other genres would be interesting to see from you as well, though!