Mother 3/Persona 2: IS Fan Translations Complete

For those who don't know, this is the sequel to Earthbound on the SNES.

Get this game SOMEHOW guys, its incredible. I'm playing it on my PSP right now.
Feel free to discuss the other Mother games as well, if you must.

Enterbrain has finally succeeded

It's official, Enterbrain has announced their new engine, Action Game Maker.

Some information on it.
- Platformer (side-scrolling) games are possible.
- Shmups (shoot-em-ups/shooters) are possible.
- Action RPGs (like Zelda) are possible.
- Finished games can be ported to Xbox Live.
- Movement appears to be pixel-based.

This will create your Zelda clones, Shmups, and whatever else you want.
Finally, all the horrible RM action games can go away.


edit: lock this.

Chrono Trigger DS Confirmed

Basically, Chrono Trigger is coming to the Nintendo DS. If this isn't proof for you, I don't know what is. The real question is if will be just a direct port, or if they will remake it like they did with FFIV.
By the way, I am pretty hyped.


EDIT: A quote from somebody on Kotaku who asked some Japanese VG guys(take this with a grain of salt):

"Yes, this is a Nintendo DS remake of Chrono Trigger, with "extra events" and the hand-drawn animated endings from the PSOne re-release included. It will have "minimal to no stylus support". It is very real. And coming at the end of this year. (In Japan.)"
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