Question I'm considering offering my Chiptune FREE (Need Opinions!)

Hi, i'm considering offering my creative commons albums free for commercial use, depending on feedback of course!

Basically, my terms would be credited to me, plus a link on your website, page (if you put it there), and steam forums where you host your commericial game (pinned) all linking to my Patreon page.

Would you consider those terms if I offered FREE Music that can be used commericially? and really good ones too, theres quite a few gems from what i've made so far, and more coming out every few days.

I'm mean if your making a commericial game and need GREAT Music, wouldn't it be fair to promote the music composer in exchange for using it royalty-free and without any fees attached?

Let me know what you think people, if i get enough feedback on this I might do it this way.

You can visit my forum post on here to listen to my chiptunes.

link to 2nd album better than first

link to 1st album forum post

Another Creative Commons Chiptune Album (20 more tracks!)

Hi, I just released my 2nd Double-Size Creative Commons Album (20 Fat Tracks!) Please listen, share, comment, download, like, and use it in your own projects!

Click Here To Listen And Download Full Double-Size Album.

License Terms : Click Here for License Terms

New! Just Released Creative Commons Vol.1 (Chiptunes)

Hi, im a chiptune composer. I just posted my debut creative commons album vol1.Please, listen, comment, share, or use it in your projects. (Impressive & Immersive)

If you need custom chiptune, my rate is affordable $10 per track fast turnaround (2 days).

Click Here to listen and download full double-sized album 20 tracks

The album is under License Terms

Making Amazing Games (Read Our Story)

Support My Patreon (Making AMAZING Games!)

As a preview of our first visual novel, here's a romantic scene from "I Drove All Night."

Ophelia wakes up stunned.

Ophelia: My God! You caught me off-guard, Augustus!

Augustus: Sorry. Let’s just say I had to sneak my way in.

He notices the bandage on her wrist.

Augustus: You alright? Did you get hurt or something?

Ophelia becomes uneasy, tries to shift the topic to something else.

Ophelia: I’m fine, just a little accident, that’s all.

Augustus: A little accident? Looks to me like –

She leaps out of bed and stands before him.

Ophelia: Augustus, do you like to dance?

Augustus: Not really. Never really been any good at it, to be honest. At least none of that fancy shenanigan or anything like that.

Ophelia: You mean ballroom dancing?

Augustus: Yeah. Ballroom dancing, waltzing, ballet dancing. Anything you have to get all dressed up to do, isn’t my thing.

Ophelia: Well, what else is there?

Augustus: Oh, there’s a lot of dancing you never heard of. There’s the dancing we do in my neighborhood.

Ophelia: Teach me.

Augustus: You sure you’re ready for it? I gotta warn you, with this kind of dancing, you can get, you know, in the mood for something a little beyond.

Ophelia’s face glows with a naughty grin.

Ophelia: That settles it. Teach me!

Need Opinions On 2nd Visual Novel Game (Smart Apple Games)

Hi, so while waiting for anime art assets from my highly talented artist, i'm pre-planning my next visual novel game. My first VN story is complete, the professional UI is done, and since I dont like doing nothing, must be productive in some way. I want to ask all of you, which of these stories would you pay to play? Rank each one based on whether you would pay to play it or not. Like 1-7. 1 being first pick, 7 being last pick. You also get my own personal preference.

(1) I DROVE ALL NIGHT (Story Complete), is an indie Romantic Visual Novel, about two Lovers and their long distance relationship. Augustus is a member of a Notorious Gang, while Ophelia is part of High Society. Can the two from two different worlds keep their love alive? INSPIRED BY THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, AND ROMEO & JULIET.

(2) SURVIVE, is an Epic Survival Visual Novel, about a 13 year old boy who is deserted on an island after his plane crashes on his way to Japan for the holidays. INSPIRED BY ROBINSON CRUSOE, LORD OF THE FLIES, AND CAST AWAY.

(5) SUMMER TIME, is a light-hearted Romantic Comedy, about a boy who meets a girl during summer vacation at the ocean-side along the beach. The problem is the boy, is actually a girl dressed as a boy...

(3) VR-MMO, is a Sci-fi Thriller Visual Novel, about a not so distant future, where a popular VR game, around the world, has players trapped inside, and Death means more than just Game Over.

(6) OPHELIA ALPHA LOLITA, is a Sci-fi Romantic Visual Novel, about the first AI, a young girl, named Ophelia and the romantic relationship she has with her inventor.

(4) SHE SINS IN PEACE, is a Erotic Romance Novel, about a billionaire and his concubine. A colorful life of Domination and submission where the Devil is a Religion.

(7) I AM KING, is Erotic Fantasy Visual Novel, about a King, a tyrant, who excites the flesh, and lures peasants and nobles, to his private estate, for deviant service.

I plan on completing all of these VN stories just not sure in what order. That's why I'm here to ask you folk? All 7 VN's will be completed in 2 years time. My small indie team of two works fast.

I'm the Director, Producer, Writer, and Programmer.


Each VN will have a Mini-game where you guess who the A-List Celebrity is. A little novelty to lessen the seriousness of the stories.

I've lost interest in making an RPG. Visual Novels as a creative medium is fascinating to me, and more inspiring. Even if I stumbled upon the medium almost by accident. The MAIN REASON, Visual Novels for me anyhow would take only 2-3 Months for a Complete Product, whereas an RPG 1-2 years. Quick turnaround. BUT, I do think I will finish my current flagship RPG since I spent a significant amount of time already working on it. Bit by bit not focused on it at the moment though.

Romance In Your Game (Valentine's Day)

Hi, since it's Valentine's Day, i wanted to see if any of you have included romance or love in your game?

In my side project, "I DROVE ALL NIGHT", an indie Romantic Adventure, about two Lovers and their long distance relationship. Augustus is a member of a Notorious Gang, while Ophelia is part of High Society. Can the two from two different worlds keep their love alive?

The story is inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo and Romeo & Juliet, the greatest love stories of ALL TIME in my humble opinion. Simply a story about a man who must struggle through great lengths and tragedies in order to keep his love alive.

What about your game? Any romance or love?

Personally, i think the most touching and moving romance in RPG's is FFVI with Setzer and Locke's memories of their loved ones. Back in the day, those stories were so emotional i just felt moved by it.

Hiring Artist/Illustrator for Parallax Background (Paid Job)

Need Artist/Illustrator for paid job (Make Parallax Background)
to do a parallax background. pm me a message or leave comment if interested and your rate for this job.

i need something like this, night with mountains and a desert/wasteland and night shot with a road that goes side ways horizontally and it must be able to seamlessly loop so right side loops to the left side without creating a line that is different shade or color, so no shade or color at end points so it loops seamlessly.

The parallax background style needs to fit the car picture. Proportions/size of road will be very important to get right for background picture has to match up with the car sprite.

Need opinions on side project (Visual Novel)

Hi, im thinking on working on a little side project to my main game. A visual novel, where choices matter and branch off into multiple possibilities. A choose your own adventure with deep story progression. No combat. Although there will be puzzles, Timed events, and use of key items.

Here's the logline.

"I DROVE ALL NIGHT", is an indie Adventure, about two Lovers and their long distance relationship. Augustus is a member of a notorious gang, while Ophelia is part of High Society. Can the two from two different worlds keep their love alive?

The problem is graphics, i have two choices a more realistic non-anime approach, but limited character sprites (like i wouldnt be able to use many characters to tell the story) or i can use RM MV Generator and create my own characters, and have unlimited characters. Im no pixel artist so i wouldnt be able to create my own without generator.

Would people pay to play a visual novel using chubby RM sprites? IF the story was phenomenal and epic?

[RMMV] My plugin for Multi-Cast, Multi-Hit using Attack Times+

A simple plugin i made that allows you to use the trait "Attack Times+" on magical or physical skills or both. Dual-cast, Dual-hit, or Multi-Cast up to x9 and Multi-Hit up to 9x. Good uses are 'Passive States' or any state that gives you the option to dualcast or multihit without specifying the individual skill to repeat. It's lighter and more versatile then other dualcast plugs out there and like i said more versatile since your using traits "Attack Times+" just copy and past script to .js name it anything, and import.

Game_Action.prototype.numRepeats = function() {
var repeats = this.item().repeats;
if (this.isSkill()) {
repeats += this.subject().attackTimesAdd();
return Math.floor(repeats);

Note - the this.isSkill, currently set to use all skill types, but if you want magic only, this.isMagical or this.isPhysical for specific use of skill. add in this.isAttack to use basic attacks as well.

[RMMV] Paid Gig for Mixing Battle Animations

*I Still Need Hired Helpers plz leave a comment or shoot me a pm. thank you!

Hi i need battle animations using a mix of pre-existing sheets and mixing it inside rm mv. I'm not very good at mixing animations, getting the alignment is hard for me. there is 239 skills and if possible i'd like each one to look slightly different then one another, some will repeat but thats ok. I'll be helping you with the 239 animations so you won't be alone.

I have a total of 222 animation sets we'd be mixing. a mix of rtp, rm forums, and some i bought. the goal is to make each 239 skills feel different.

note - this is paid, (message me or leave comment about your rates) but i only get paid once a month, so we'd work on monthly deposits, before animation transfer to me. but i'd still like previews.
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