I am Nothing and I am Derp , Hence Nerp

I have a Steam account and would like to trade sometimes(depends)
I love beta testing or just testing any games that need feedback!



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wow....that background



It'll be done on or before the 16th.

<3 to everyone following!
I wouldn't say we'll have the final final version but at least a playable product! If nessy's net and work goes well but she's a hard worker so I have no doubts.


Hi , I really want the game Garrys Mod . So if anyone could trade with me ! I also have 1 tf2 or cs:go crate key

I onlynhave stealth inc 2 , the 39 steps , anomaly warzone and terablasters. Also , a bunch of tf2 items and trading cards for other games *(


When can we at least try it!

The Amber Throne

I was going to try it but I checked my $$$ and I was bankrupt xDD. RIP in Peace Wallet

Im trying to figure out a good profile pic ( a gif. ) Ideas are welcome <3

[Sharing] Give Away Your Extra Programs/Games/etc

Sorry!! I've been into game making and all I have been using the past few months is Graphics Gale to make the actual things!!

:o , Hi ther

Thank you all xD. The size and font is just weird for me

Im trying to figure out a good profile pic ( a gif. ) Ideas are welcome <3

I like certain animes and video games ;p

Sorry Shulk, I'm not really feeling it...[serious talk]

Sorry , here's my real post :

Going back to previous posts...

Take things slow , if you RUSH . The full effect of doing something might not appear to you at all because everything came to you so suddenly that you didn't handle the situation correctly.

- Can't find a job? Do what YOU can do to make money . My 13 year old sibling made money by selling video games ( or just accounts ) and made at least $300+( He's a very smart dude and he just did this by hisself
- Try selling things you don't need or just haven't used
- So you can draw? Draw something that inspires you and it might make you a good amount of $$$$$$$

TL:DR - Know your limits. But thats not all. Understand it too . Do what you can do to make money

- Bored? Don't try lots of different things at the same time. Instead go with what you have and improvise.
- Do daily objectives for yourself ( ones that won't make you feel lazy about just skipping it )
- If you can't approach your previous friends, then make ones that ACTUALLY have the same INTEREST ( a bunch of similar ones ).
- Be enthusiastic when talking to them
- Try to listen to what they're saying to make better communication and interaction and yes it may be boring as well but if you think of the long term. It will be worth it

TL:DR Improvise what you are frequently doing and GET OUT OF YOUR SHELL. I too used to be VERY VERY quiet ( almost ignored everyone who tried to talk to me ) and now I am enthusiastic ( and sarcastic ) , but sometimes I just stay quiet so I can have some of my peace time .

- Lack of motivation can be an actual misunderstanding because you may actually just have no proper discipline.
- Do what benefits you most
- Instead of thinking of how annoying the process will be , think of the positives that will surely come out if you proceed with your actions
- And again , don't rush it

Note: This is coming from a teen still growing up and living with his parents. Sorry if there is inaccurate advice :D

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