I am Nothing and I am Derp , Hence Nerp

I have a Steam account and would like to trade sometimes(depends)
I love beta testing or just testing any games that need feedback!


:o , Hi ther

Hi. Hello. Good Morning and Good Night.
I welcome you today for the day of your life.
It is I Nerp
The mixing of being nothing while staying Derpy

Oi hallo ther!!

Im new and I'm already liking this forum! ( Although the font and the size of letters bother me a bit )

I'm here to say hi to everyone and tell them that I will be on this forum posting stuff that MIGHT make sense or just might not!

Peace out xD ( yeah its over )

Edit: I also LOVE testing new games and even helping out! ( I have a few experience with pixel art making xDDD ). If you need help with researching I can help too because that is one of my favorite hobbies!!!

Edit after first Edit: Actually , I can really help out in researching. I've won many STEM fairs 1st place most of the time and my reports are always A's ( school stuff :3 )

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