Got any Dexreth amulets?
- Silence is silver, speaking is golden -

Character Profile:

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 7
Constitution: 9
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 15
Charisma: 11

- Eventing: +9
- Storytelling: +5
- Puzzle Creation: +5

- RPG Maker XP: +6
- RPG Maker VX Ace: +2
- RPG Maker 2003: +1

Description: Human Male Nerd
Alignment: Lawful Good
Background: German Student of English
Personality Traits: Talkative, Enthusiastic, Idealistic

Ideals: The well-being and happiness of the living beings is all that matters. Every single action we take has an impact on ourselves and our surroundings, so we are obliged to take our decisions responsibly.
Flaws: I have very high and sometimes unrealistic expectations of myself and of people in general. I am extremely prone to procrastination.


Loyal Master of the Wind fan!

Mia & Amalie will save us all!

Obey the Tezkhra!

Damsels of the world, join the Mayhem!

Proud member of the Flowey Fan Club.

The Book of True Will
When world views collide, a visit to a childhood friend quickly escalates. Follow an unlikely team of adventurers in this character-heavy puzzle RPG.
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