The undead are among us,
at dawn they shrink back to their silken beds.
They dance by night
and drink the blood
of a child's broken neck.
The Curse of Cpt. Lovele...
Nautical-themed cephalopod-pirate-based action-shmup.
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Always darkest before the dawn.
  • Sundown Project
12/31/2011 09:08 AM
I Hate Evil Jellies.
  • Golden Age: Endless Dungeon
12/30/2011 08:17 AM
I want to live where soul meets body.
  • Garden
07/16/2011 02:00 AM
If The Matrix and FFXIII mated for 15 hours in rm2k3...
  • The Encephalon
03/12/2011 04:46 AM
Style & Substance: A Subversive Epic
  • Leo & Leah: A Love Story
02/26/2011 03:38 PM
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