The undead are among us,
at dawn they shrink back to their silken beds.
They dance by night
and drink the blood
of a child's broken neck.
The Curse of Cpt. Lovele...
Nautical-themed cephalopod-pirate-based action-shmup.


I need help with pictures and such! [2k3 ABS gam]

Basically, see that green thing that appeared/disappeared at 7 seconds? Well that was supposed to appear at the position of the enemy (the green dog) event after it was shot.. And it's meant to appear every time that enemy is killed (it respawns a set amount of times) but it only appears once. Despite the same switch being used over and over (each time it's killed).

But I can't see to get it to work.

At the moment I have it like this:

When switch "DOG3DEAD" is ON, show picture at variables "DOG3 X" & "DOG3 Y" (the same variables used by the gun abs I'm using.. which works fine). Turn on switch "fadedeath1" - Next page - Move Picture "THE GREEN THING" - fade to 100% transparency - erase picture.

No,a s far as I know that should work fine and I really don't know what else to try. Does anybody have any ideas?

EDIT: I just managed to get it to reappear.. But i haven't been able to get it to reference the right coordinates from the enemy sprite, still.

I need to learn to sprite or get sprites made.


Does anybody have any advice as to how to go about spriting from scratch?

I'm pretty sure I could probably handle the art aspect of it (I'm not bad at art IRL). But in terms of making animations consistent (things not changing in an ugly way between animation frames) I think I'd fail miserably.

Any advice or tutorials for a beginner would be awesome.

Ugh, I can't get a picture to follow my hero properly.

I was wondering if anybody knew the easier, simplest way to have a picture follow your hero?

I've been messing around with variables and move picture parallel processes but I can't seem to get it to work properly.

I want the center of an image (which will be covering the whole screen) to stay PINNED to my hero sprite constantly. I'm pretty sure I've seen it done plenty of times before or at least similar things.

Yes, it's for a crappy overlay lighting effect.

Thanks guys :)

References in gaems

How does everyone feel about references in games? I'm talking anything, references or allusions to literature, music/lyrics from songs, art, other games, other RM projects (I've seen that a fair bit). Do you guys see it as a homage or a cheap shot at trying to be clever?

Personally I tend to always be leaning toward wanting to include more and more subtle and not-so-subtle references or allusions to things into my projects (I guess fan games are one giant homage and are full of references and/or allusions to other games). It just feels like an easy yet effective way to create a feeling of narrative depth in an otherwise pretty "pulled out of your ass" storyline or theme.

I suppose it could come across as amateurish but we are, afterall, amateurs here.

Whaddya think?

Two minor suggestions I'd really like to see.

There's a couple things I'd really think would make simple but functional additions to the site.

I've mentioned these things in passing a few times, but this is my official feedback/request and after this I'll drop it :)

1. Would it be possible to simply have "Average based on X review(s)" displayed in small text beneath all star ratings, wherever they appear on the site? (on search results, listings and gamepages). This would be a really simple way to "fix" the ratings system without having to give it a complete overhaul. It adds a degree of accuracy that plenty of people are already complaining about a lack of.

"This game's 5 star, oh, but only based on 1 review"

"This game's 3.5, based on 12 reviews. That's pretty impressive!"

2. My pet peeve with the site:

(I may be wrong in some of my details so I apologize in advance if I make any mistakes.)

I'm lead to believe that game-profile "owners" are able to list team members as developers or "other" team members. I am also lead to believe that non-dev team members do not show up on the game-page as credited with being the game's makers. That makes sense.. BUT

A person listed a as team member, for whatever reason, will have the game show up in their list of games on their profile, giving the impression that they were a Dev on that project - That they made that game.

Then you click the game and find that person isn't listed at all on the game-page because they weren't a Dev, they were just a team member and only listed devs show up on the profile.

Personally I think it'd be much better if, on member profiles' games lists there was, next to the title of the game a small "ROLE" field that is automatically filled in based on form entry information that is input by the developer who lists the team members on a game profile. (Say: Composer, Artist, Pixel Artist, Tester or just "additional help" or something.. I'm sure you can figure this out easily enough, or perhaps leave it as a text-entry box so that the developer/game-page "owner" can put their own custom role titles in). So when you view a member's games it will say "Developer" or "Team Member: Composer" next to each game title depending on that member's role in the production.

On the flip-side, on game-pages ALL team members should be listed underneath the developers with their own sub-heading and possible auto-generated (via form-input) role title.

I think these two additions would really enhance the site's functionality and help everyone know who does what.

Of course implementing these would lead to a few new possibilities in terms of search functionality and member profile options: (EG: See all games that X developed / See all games that X worked on) but those are just ideas.

Dunno how this got past submissions.

Just turned up whilst searching for "leo"

Rm2k3 switch skills unavailable in battle.

Eugh... So Rm2k3's "switch" type skills have a tick-box that says "can be activated in" followed by "field" and "battle".

So despite the fact that there's an option to allow activation of this switch in-battle - the skill does not show up in any skills menu within the battle-screen. Does anybody know why this is? or if there's any way around it?

Quick monster gfx fix request.

I was wondering if anybody here could fix the edges on this without completely ruining the edge-neatness and ballsing up some of the shading. (which is what has happened on my attempts).

Not super important. I'm just finding it stupidly tricky to get it actually looking decent and I'd really like to use this creepy motherdoctor.


More problems with show picture.

Right, so I'm trying to use lightmaps.

Obviously I need lightmaps to fade in and out when my character teleports between maps.

I've managed to get the lightmap to fade out as the character exits a map. But I can't get a new map's lightmap to fade in as they teleport INTO the map. It always appears after the teleport has finished. I tried placing the "show picture" deal before the teleport command but it appears that teleporting erases the picture automatically.

Does anybody here know how to make this work? Parallel processes are a no-no apparently as they keep calling the "show picture" event constantly which causes huge lag and cycles the fading-in "animation".

Common-eventing and Parallel Process is breaking my head.

I'm having issues with common event parallel processes negating on-map events (such as important "on-touch" events).

I'm trying to make a common event that checks my character's HP with a variable and some conditional branches and then changes the character sprite accordingly to represent low health at varying degrees.

First problem (using arbitrary figures and names): I want at least 3 increments, I inititally tried:

Set variable blah to Hero's HP.
"if less than 100, then change to sprite x"
"if less than 200, then change to sprite y"
"if less than 300, change to sprite z"

- this doesn't work because all of the ELSE handlers are ALSO below 100 meaning that sprite X will display until the character's HP is more than 300.

My second problem is that I've got all of the above in a common event that is a parallel process (set to activate by a trigger-switch). As soon as this parallel process is running (trigger switch is ON) it negates all event processing on the maps except for "Action key" triggered events.

I've probably gone about this entirely wrong. I could use some advice as to how to make it work without it breaking everything.

EDIT: With help from Cal, Yellow_magic and Shinan I think I've managed to get this working fine now. :) Thanks guys.