The undead are among us,
at dawn they shrink back to their silken beds.
They dance by night
and drink the blood
of a child's broken neck.
The Curse of Cpt. Lovele...
Nautical-themed cephalopod-pirate-based action-shmup.


RM2k3 - A few questions about Show Pic, Variables and Common Events.

I hear there's some issues regarding rm2k3 and its "show picture" command? Especially when using variables and the like?

Anyway what I'm doing is having an ability that displays a picture (in-field) when it's used. So this is obviously using a called common event.

First question: Because it's a common event - does this mean that the common event's picture number can clash with the map's picture numbers (if the map contains events that trigger "show picture" commands)?

2nd: Also, I want the picture to display centred on my character sprite. I have tried assigning it's display position to variables which correspond to "Spite > Hero > X Positon" (and the same for Y position) but it doesn't seem to work.. Does anybody have any idea why this could be not working? Also I have the feeling that if it does work; it will align a corner of the picture to the hero sprite and not it's centre.

And lastly I guess I'd just like to know what the common issues with show picture (especially when used with variable refs or common events?) in 2k3 are if anybody knows. I've heard things a while back but have no idea which threads describe the issues it has.

Cheers :)

RMN Wiki

I said it earlier on the IRC.. And I don't have much to add here.

But an RMN Wiki would be super useful and interesting.

With entries on community events, previous entries to community events, noteworthy games, members & projects, competition/event explainations etc, a history of trends, nomenclature, internal memes and tropes.

You get the picture.

How old were you when you first used RM?

I think I was about 12 personally, a friend showed me RM95 on his PC when I went around his house. We had huge ideas for epic (and cliche) RPGs which we hadn't the slightest idea how to make.

Things haven't changed all that much for me now to be honest.

Later I'd go on to use 2k for a while, to no real avail. A few years later I'd have a few decent attempts at games in 2k3, in fact, a friend and I even made a semi-parody GTA-style game using RM2K3! ;)

Believe it or not I hadn't the slightest idea any real RM online "community" really existed until maybe late last year/early this year.

Lots of attacks missing [2k3]

Sorry, another help request thread.

Basically, I'm using 2k3's DBS (boo, hiss, I know) but aside from it's obvious limitations which I've been happily working with/around for a while now... I've recently started having 30%-50% of my character's attacks miss the monsters during an encounter and I have NO IDEA why :|

So, later, I made a game-breaking developer's super-weapon so I could breeze through fights and gave it 100% hit probability and a ridiculous attack rating.. And STILL a load of attacks are missing. I checked the monster stats and nothing seems too untoward but I will admit that statistics are my very, very worst suit when it comes to using RM so I could easily be missing something.

It's worth adding that this has seemingly started happening almost randomly out of nowhere. Which stats should I be looking at here guys?

Running system issues [2k3]

Hey I've been trying to implement a simple walk/run system into my game using <- this tutorial.

The system runs just fine, I even added a trigger switch so that I could turn the walk/run system off during cut-scenes.. However it appears that whilst the walk/run parallel process is ON - NO events work whatsoever. Which means my game's suddenly become completely sequence-breakable.

For example, shortly after the player gains full control over the character there's a couple "on touch" activated events that require the player to run into the event, however, when the run/walk parallel process is ON, nothing happens when the character walks over the event-ed tile.

Does anybody have any idea why this is happening and/or what I could do about it?

Probably Hopeless but I'll ask.

So my internet got disconnected for about 9 months earlier on in the year and only recently got put back on.

After a few weeks of internet access and installing some new games I realised my PC's performance was pretty poor so I updated my anti-virus, anti-malware etc stuff and also downloaded CCleaner from Piriform to clean up all the old, broken bits of stuff knocking about my computer.

Anyway, after doing a whole load of cleaning and optimization my RPG project has been rendered inoperable. So I guess my scans removed some files from either Rm2k3 or the project.

It says that the project cannot be compiled and has encountered a fatal error.

Is there any chance this could be rectified by replacing the files? (if so it'd be good to find out which ones, is there a preferred method? or ANY method?)Or is this a corruption in the map-tree or what not?

Need ideas + Have some creepy atmosphere

Repetetive/simple as hell? Yes.

Perfectly suitable for my game's atmosphere? Yesssss.

Right now I'm having MAJOR trouble coming up with suitable battle music for a horror/atmosphere based rpg. There are rpg-style battles, and I want music that isn't boring, yet it can't be too upbeat or it'll ruin the feel of the game. Any composer type people have any idea how I could go about making something that sounds both GRIM and exciting? No black metal.

Examples (if there are any) would be great.

Display HP?

This is a long shot.. But is there any way to simply display my character's HP in-field?

I've realised, through playtesting, that dying in my game is VERY common and considering you can be attacked in-field it's a bit harsh that players don't know how close they would be to dying when they're exploring.

Does anybody have any ideas? I'd be willing to go with a "caution" thing too. But I'm worried about using pictures because of the potentials for clashes with picture numbers used on different maps for one-time events and the like.

Thanks :)

Is it unethical/frowned upon...

To use resources dug out of other people's project folders for your own game after you've installed their game?

Open question...

Half all movement - RM2K3

Really quick question... Why does "Halt All Movement" NOT halt all movement?

I need all moving events to stop for the time a certain load of test is displayed. I thought that halt all movement would do what it said on the tin.. It even says in the help file that it "HALTS ALL MOVEMENT".

Is there an easy alternative? I'm doing some back-tracking development-wise and don't want to mess with an otherwise perfectly sorted-out map too much. :/

EDIT - Title fail :/