The undead are among us,
at dawn they shrink back to their silken beds.
They dance by night
and drink the blood
of a child's broken neck.
The Curse of Cpt. Lovele...
Nautical-themed cephalopod-pirate-based action-shmup.


The infinite terror of BattleChars

BATTLECHAR(A)S are by far the single most frustrating aspect of rm2k3. They make me want to vomit shards of my pelvis.

Has ANYONE on here managed to successfully make their own battlechars that look good AND work with the RTP system, as in... With the "battle weapons"? I'm using the RTP as a guideline and I refuse to use rips from other games.

Advice in doing this would be great.

I checked the FAQ.. But...

I thought I'd ask here 'cause I'll most likely get trolled or something.

I'm new so indulge me please?

...What's the real deal with the no screenshots rule?

Project Planning/Working Methods?

I just read this article:

And I've got a confession.

I've never finished a project in my life. I only recently re-installed rpg maker, the last time I used it properly must have been between 4-6 years ago in my mid-teens. I was never brilliant but I was a perfectionist and could never live up to my own high expectations without getting totally frustrated at my own lack of ability/commitment. The closest I ever got to completing an RM project was putting out a demo of a joke GTA-style game that I made with a friend. What I was surprised to see when I found this place is that people actually HAVE completed whole game projects... I actually used to say (before I knew an RM community even existed) that NOBODY had ever actually finished and released a complete game.

So, to people who've actually completed a project or multiple projects... How do you go about it? Do you have any active methods for planning and executing the stages in your game's development? If you were to start a new project today what would your first steps be? and how far ahead do you see into your project's future? Do you have it all figured out from start to finish or do you wing it for the most part?

See, for me, I begin a project yet a KNOW somewhere down the line I'm going to have to face up to the things I'm putting off. For instance, knowing I'll need custom battle backdrops & custom monsters, knowing that I'm going to have to make at least some of my own music, knowing that I'm eventually gonna need to replace the crappy default hero re-colour I'm using. Where to begin?

These are the questions I'd like to see discussed.

Why do RMXP/VX chipsets look so crappy?

Okay, I've never used VX or XP.. But even on the most well thought-out maps I've seen, the chipsets have looked crappy. I've seen one exception and that was a village in some DIRE and terrible game somebody made that I saw on youtube.

I know 2k/2k3 is really low resolution but even the RTP chipsets could look half-decent if you actually used them properly. Everything looks super-square on XP/VX and everything seems to clash.

Somebody please show me some epic visuals from an XP/VX map?

"Complex" weapon/ammo system problems.

Hey guys, I've got a wickedly tricky (to me at least) problem I'm trying to work around and I'm not sure if I should scrap the entire idea or not. I have an over-ambitious weapon system in mind for Rpgmaker.

Not even sure which order to begin explaining the issue!

I'll attempt an overview of the whole deal and see if anyone has any clue what could possibly be done.. Otherwise I'll have to remove some aspect of the "system" in order to make the whole work better.

(in my game the idea is that your survivability is highly dependent on how many blows per turn you can manage to land, you only have ONE playable character throughout the game)

My game uses a lot of guns. Guns have different ammunition (the calibre of a gun in my game is directly related to it's critical hit percentage).. This shouldn't be too much of a problem and as in real life, some weapons share the same ammunition yet will use different quantities per attack. Also, some guns get more "attacks" per attack command and generally use more ammunition per attack. This shouldn't be TOO much of a problem. it's just a matter of sharing variable references. I can get THAT to work.

Problems: I am using this ammo script Which is all good. BUT my character is meant to be a dual wielder.. Early on in the game you have a knife and gun which you can equip in either hand. The code works fine UNLESS the player puts the gun in the second weapon slot and the knife in the first weapon slot. In which case the knife gets unequipped and the gun remains functional.. Thus enabling the player to keep shooting without ammo. This could be solved if there was a way to specify which weapon to unequip when the ammo variable is equal to zero.

Argh my head hurts thinking about this.

I could abolish the dual-wielding aspect, which would leave the player without any weapon when they run out of ammo in the middle of a fight. But I was really attatched to that idea and I can't think of anything in terms of a defensive item that would make sense in this game (like a shield.. It's a "modern" game so shields would be silly)

Another issue I've managed to make for myself is that I proposed for some weapons to multiple-attack per turn.. That's all good and fine if it's simply using the "attack twice" tick-box from the item database.. Because that WILL subtract 2 of the ammunition per turn EDIT: No, it won't.. However when using the "attack twice" or "three times" option from the "weapon animations settings" panel and combining that with the attack twice to get varied effects (I was testing an idea with an auto-pistol that attacked 4 times per turn for example).. The ammo calculations begin to get a little messy because the additional attacks are not counted by the engine as seperate attacks.. ALTHOUGH that could be figured out quite easily.. It just poses a needlessly complicated additional issue.

The IDEA behind all this is the player will have to balance between lethality and ammo consumption.. Automatic weapons will drink precious ammo up but wipe out enemies pretty swiftly.. Which is important when you're alone against hordes of enemies.

When I first got started on this game. This was the whole idea that got me excited about making a new rpg so I'll be gutted if i have to scrap the entire deal. I think I'm coming up against the limits of rm2k3 unless I'm prepared to do a LOT more battle event programming. I'm almost certain I'll have to make a battle event page for EVERY gun I intend to implement into the game but that's not too much of a big deal.

I'd be really grateful to any suggestions as to the best way to make my idea work. The game's still in it's early stages so I'm open to most ideas so long as I can keep the majority of the original features that I wanted to implement to make this game something a little different.

Sorry for long post. Had to get all the caveats in there.

Frameskip when attempting to capture.

Does anybody have any idea how to avoid frame skipping from happening when attempting to capture video from your game in mid-play?

I've tried using snagit which is recommended but whenever I attempt to capture video there's constant black flickering on the screen whenever anything happens. The only time it doesn't skip is when everything's perfectly still.

Anybody else had this problem and know how to get around it?

Dual event triggers?

Hey guys, this is my first request for advice here, hope somebody can help.

I'm making a *surprise* survival horror-esque game right now and the way I want my enemy mechanics to work is thus:

Enemies are visible in-field, they'll pretty much all be programmed to move "toward hero". Some (depending on enemy type) will engage you (Call Enemy Encounter) upon collision with hero, along with some horrible effects to transition into battle.. I've got that ALL sorted, that's fine.

However, with some types of monster I'm trying to get this to happen:

On collision - simulated enemy attack (plus screen/sprite flash and sound effects).. . If the player wishes to dispatch the enemy and remove them from the field map they must press the action key to initiate an enemy encounter and defeat them, otherwise the enemy will continue to pursue them and deal damage on collision.

This is an aspect I REALLY want to be able to implement as the nature of my game is intended to be about choices. You can evade enemies, choose to fight or not (and as you're nearly always somewhat underpowered, fighting is often-times not the best option)

Now.. I can't get this to work because only one event page operates at a time. I get either the collision damage page working... Or the "press key to begin fighting" page working.. Is there ANY way I can have both conditions working at the same time?

(Silly) things I've tried are:

a) Having both pages become active on the same switch operation (doesn't work, just goes to whatever the last page is)

b) Having one page with no switch preconditions and one WITH preconditions. That didn't work either.

I'm hoping there's a simple way around this. Any advice or ideas? I'm using RM2K3 by the way.

New here

Hey, I'm new. haha

Been a long-time dabbler with RPG Maker, started out on 95 when I was about 14, eventually moved onto 2k and 2k3. Never been past 2k3 to be honest. Anyway I've been away from RM for literally years and now I've come back.

I'm next to useless when it comes to programming and by all accounts I'm still probably a noob when it comes to utilizing the potential of the engine. However I've recently started a new project where I've finally started making good use of variables and common events :D (my early games were nothing but switches and pages and pages of event commands) I'm a bit of a perfectionist and like to try and make things "different". I tried making a classic-style rpg before but it wasn't really my kind of thing.

On a strange note, years back me and a friend made a GTA-style game in RM2K3 based loosely on our own local area and filled with in-jokes. I've not been able to find the disc with that on though :(

I'm here to hopefully pick up some skills and learn from people who're more experienced than me. I grew up on RM2K3 and I'm not sure if I'll be upgrading any time soon.

Anyway, yeah. Hey everyone.
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