Hey... New here :) Well, kinda

Hey, I'm Nick. Apparently I've had an account registered here for some time now, and I never took the time to introduce myself. From what I've seen of the community here, it's a very welcoming place (as opposed to a place like "YouTube", where everyone's favorite pass-time is apparently flaming people non-stop). So, trying to become more active around here :) I'm currently working on two projects right now. The first is... Actually probably not much of a game. About one third of it are "cutscenes" and the rest is gameplay. I've always been a fan of games with a heavy storyline (Metal Gear Series is a good example, with their hour long cutscenes, lol), so that's ultimately what I want to release. The second game is just a short project to release and get feedback on; mainly to see if it would be worth my time to release something to an audience as broad as the internet, or stick to a select group of personal friends.

Also, sorry if anyone comments or posts on my account and I don't respond for a while; In a week I'm leaving and won't have any contact with... Well anything for around two months, roughly. And I'm not on the internet that much as it is. But rest assured, I will not ignore you. Just might take some time before you get a response :/
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