Dark Knight...the video game

Well we all seen the movie, so know we all know that a game is might come out for it. The question is do you guys think that the game is going to live up to the hype.


Do I think that the game is going to live up to the hype? I really dont know. The game might not but I dont know. Plus with Heath Ledger gone, r.i.p, I dont even know if they will have a game for this movie. What do you guys thing?


Its for people who just want to scream regardless of the reason. Just keep it pg13. Like no "I want to f*** your moms"


Oh its Noob.....eww

Hey guys. My name is NightCloud. Im 15 years. I love rm 2k3. And hate xp. *Xp user throws a tomato* See thats why I dislike you guys. No really I love xp, it just that I love 2k3 a little bit more. Right now I am working on a project......drumroll plz.....Crest Of The Solace. I do not know what it is about yet but when I do I make sure to inform you guys. (Well I kind of do but everything is in early dev.)

Oh and plz dont throw any more tomatoes, I just bought these clothes.
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