Color me impressed; this looks pretty good. I'll play this.

Eldritch Law

As the game progresses expect the game to look less bad. A lot of the maps graphics were made when I was starting off. If circumstances allow, I'd like to go back and at least redo the cliffs for the intro level to make them neater and more defined. Even now my technique isn't perfect though, so going back to do that again myself would be pointless for the time being.

In regards to the question regarding the RTP, there was actually some RTP sound effects and a song used. Rather than pick through each one I used, I decided to add a paltry 300 MB to the download size to prevent any issues from cropping up.

Eldritch Law

Thanks for all the kind words. By the way, for anyone looking at this feel free to chime in with your thoughts, even if they're negative, or even "toxic".

Does anyone remember GamingGroundZero? (Remembering GamingGroundZero)

Its the place where I downloaded Kindred Saga and nothing else.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

whoah it's nightblade

That looks awesome! I am obviously a big fan of the 16x16 sprite. Everything about that shot looks great.


Thanks. There's a nice surprise waiting in the game queue.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Is there Something Wrong with me? Am I just not a good dev?

Even the best games and the best developers are terrible. Always keep striving to improve, and never fall into the trap of believing you're good enough.

Of course your game fucking sucks. Every game on this website does. If RPG Maker games were any good, then nobody would bother to spend millions of dollars making AAA titles. Don't try to make something good. Just try to make something better than you are now. That's the goal. Improvement. The better you make it, the more people will enjoy it despite the fact that it sucks.

What are you jamming to?

Does Anyone Remember GamingW? (Remembering Gamingw)

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and fucking Porcupine Tree EVERYWHERE

Man that avatar was seen everywhere on GamingW!

Anyone remember the touted new version of GW that never came to be? I remember there was a beta of it but never completed, really sucked the design for the time was nice.

I don't know. The site is called Saltw now and it's mostly Drule yelling a wall?? I think?

Does Anyone Remember GamingW? (Remembering Gamingw)

GW had a lot of problems, but it did a good job in encouraging me and others to do better.

You don't always get to chose to nature of the criticism you receive, as a matter of fact; you should be grateful anyone cared enough to say anything at all.

If you're not challenged, you don't grow.