[RMVX ACE] [SCRIPTING] Demon Legacy remake needs battle system

I didn't want to have to do something like this, but the rigors of from scratch game making has left me no recourse.

Hello! Some of you might not remember me; but I was an active member of the RPGmaker community for some time. I specialized in often thoughtless rage posts.

When I wasn't yelling at someone who was praised for something I thought was bad; I was making a few well received games. Here they are:

Demon Legacy

Phantom Legacy

After I finished Phantom Legacy, I announced I would be remaking my first complete game, Demon Legacy.

I had a commissioned TFT for concept art, got a bunch of levels done; started learning how to pixel stuff and went at it for awhile. This was all well and good, but I needed a battle system... and that's where things fell to shit.

I love making stuff. I love making and learning pixel art, designing maps/dungeons/puzzles, writing dialog and scenarios, animating things, choreographing scenes but scripting for me is:

So, this topic is just a long winded way to ask for scripting help. Specifically; I just want a battle system made along the lines of Phantom Legacy's battle system, where each character has his own set of commands.

Naturally, I wouldn't ask anyone to do something like this blind; so here's a glimpse into the project:

Here's some concept art. TFT put a lot of hard work and thought into these and I really appreciate it. Sorry for being kind of a dick to you; TFT. I'd like for you to do more once the project is farther along:


Deimos : Masked / Unmasked



Here are some screenshots!

(The below tree sprite done by Lena, or Celera)

Here's a quick Ciel did for me on a whim.
He's not actually composing though.

That covers it. I've been overwhelmed by trying to get so much done alone and it would be a great help to just have a battle system made. From there I can put together a kickstarter demo and hire some reliable help to take care of the things I can't do myself.

Any interested parties can reply, or message me. For anyone who'd like to point and laugh, please keep it in the thread.

(Request) Chipset rip [Picture inside.]

Would save me a ton of time, I can add all of the other necessary things if I could get this into chipset form. Thanks, or not.

New Party Member Bug

I can't help but feel that I've asked this before, and as far as I know there's no real solution to this problem other than restarting your playthrough; but here goes anyway.

When making adding a new member to the group, sometimes this party member starts at level 1 with no stats, regardless of the starting stats you've given him. Of course, if you start a new game the bug won't occur on the new save file.

I managed to find a quick work around in adding the new party member in a previously non existent field, but it's not an ideal solution after you've already done a lot with the character.

Magix Music Creator

Has anyone used this thing yet? Is it any good? Junk? It's main draw is that it's (supposed to) make music creation easy.

Here's a cheesy video.

Spriting Halp

I need a horizontal version of this weapon. Everything I do seems to come out screwed up, and I'm the type to get hung up on something stupid like this so it's slowing me down.

Rm2k3 Command Bug

This is a bug that somehow has become more apparent recently in my own game. Here's what happens in a nutshell. The main character has three commands.


The first is a simple skill subset command. A number of abilities can be accessed from there.

The second just restores your MP.

The third attempts to copy an enemy skill.

When selecting a skill, canceling out of the menu, and then selecting one of the bottom two commands, the command will play out as normal but immediately afterwards the last skill I selected would be executed. The command scripts I insert into each battle are fairly simple; so is there any type of remedy to this bug?

A Story Without Words

I don't even know where to begin. I don't think I have a firm enough grasp on this to speak with any type of authority; but there's been something bugging me with story telling in games these days, and no I'm not just talking about games here.

It's been something sitting in my head ever since Jumar brought the game "Out of This World" to my attention...

That something being there's way too much exposition flying around in media these days. Walls of unnecessary text, characters explaining the obvious, and worst of all; the three minute technique explanation. "OH SNAP, he just used his sword as a vacuum and it's drawing the guy in! YOU SEE, by *** ***** **** and *** *** in the *** *** HE CAN MAKE SWORD GO VACUUM"

Everyone here could stand to look at this and learn a great deal from it. With nothing more than sound, a stylized yet simple graphic style, it tells a story. From beginning to end the only words in the above would be from a computer terminal in the introduction.

A more mainstream example, Super Metroid also took a similar approach. With nothing more than some small samples of text in the beginning; it told a simple story and got it's point across just fine...

I'm not suggesting we throw away words completely (though a wordless story is something that might make a good contest, hint hint), but maybe try using the approach for certain aspects of our games. I myself have experimented with this a bit with great success.

...And that is that. I don't know where else to go with this crude write up; but the forums here are in desperate need of a topic that doesn't discuss the fine nuances of the three tile rule, item costs, and save point frequency.

Since we need more art thread: Take a look at some horribly rough sketches!

So my brother, about two weeks after I asked him to "just send me what you have" did so and I figured why not post them up here for all to see.

Lune :

A rough (in pen?) sketch of one character that didn't make an appearance in the rough demo I released an eternity ago. I like where this is going personally.

Another character who didn't make an appearance. I like the feel of this one, but the head kind of sticks out too much.

And lastly, the weakest one of the batch : Gerent - the stern Alchemist who tries to recapture you.

Yeah... this one didn't come out right at all. Also suffers from weird head syndrome and completely misses the feel of the character; but it's my fault since I didn't tell him anything about this particular character.

Panorama map question

I have a panorama I'd like to make a map, however; this particular panorama is being difficult. Does anyone know the pixel to tile conversation rate to Rm2k3? The sooner gets done, the sooner I can do... something.

CSS on gamepages

I'm really terrible at coding; but I figured I could copy and paste some simple color modification scrips into the CSS editor on the gamepage and get by that way.......

How wrong I was. Apparently; none of the codes I paste work. Am I approaching this the wrong way? I'd like to do a blog update; but only after I've give the blog a small face lift. Im thinking of adding a background image; though I'm not sure how to do even that.
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