Remember when I actually used to make games? Me neither.
I used to be RMN's most controversial topic since sliced bread. But then I had a banhammer lodged in my kneecap.


I'm leaving. Ahyuck.

Sooo, I decided that I'd leave RMN. Permanently. Without leaving a saucer of grinded mice on the doorstep as a farewell gift.

The reason being that I haven't been making games since like 2009ish when I got a decent computer that could actually run games. Like, the ones you'd find on Steam. The one I had before could hardly run anything with 3D graphics, except maybe Doom.

The day I realized I could play decent games on my computer instead of shitty RM2K games with broken English I just slowly stopped caring about mak gam and preferred to play Fallout and Team Fortress 2 instead. For some reason though, it took me years to realize this and during this period I made many cringeworthy shitposts that still make me scream internally (Although, like, any post I've ever made on a forum before 2014 makes me want to rip my eyes out of their sockets)

Sooo, yeah, I'm leaving because I don't know why am I staying here if I don't even mak gam. I'm changing my password to some random gibberish in case I come back and forget that I was supposed to be gone.


LEGO Movie Teaser

Invalid YouTube URL
It has Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman in it.

I don't care if you people think Legos are for kids, but this movie seems pretty fucking awesome. And Legos are the world's most awesome thing, truman fax.

Really brings a nostalgia tear to the eye.

RMN Island: You can still join, mmkay

CURRENT GM: Gourd Clae

This is a text forum RPG based off Facepunch Island.
Players wake up in their place of choice in the island and do stuff by inputting commands like "Nightowl: Scavenge for junk."

The rules are simple:
1. No randomly pulling shit into existence. That means, no instant legendary swords. The game master decides what sort of loot you find.
2. I choose the game master.
3. NO GODMODE. Not really even possible with GMs and such.

Trihan (Reginald T Chinchillington XVII) - Currently in Limbo
Dudesoft - Currently never a soft dude

Justin Bieber is going to space. INDIGESTABLE

So apparently NASA (or Virgin Galactic) is willing to take terrible singers with hypogonaidism into space for free. Here's hoping that the Challenger incident repeats. Or the crew ejects him into space and leaves him there.

Useless Superpowers

In nutshell, post any useless superpowers here.
Kinda like the Heart power from Captain Planet.

Here's mine:
The ability to instantly describe anything in a nutshell, as long it's a nut.

[RM2K3 DynRPG] Line of Sight plugin request

While I generally prefer doing things myself instead of being a script kiddie myself, coding a DynRPG plugin is out of my league.
I'm requesting a line-of-sight plugin. I suck at explaining stuff, so here's a picture:

The green blob represents the areas the player can see from his/her current location, like the picture explains. (Okay, well, it's not technically line-of-sight. Let's call it goop-of-sight.)

If anyone has extra time and isn't busy making another plugin, I'd be glad if someone could whip up something like this.

Logical Dungeons in RPGs

Now, I know RPGs aren't really realistic and logical, after all, how can Link carry all the shit he picks up?

Anyway, today I realized that most of the dungeons in RPGs seem to be weird, empty hallways or mazes that really make no sense. Some are caves filled with traps. Some are skyscrapers that have weird puzzles installed in the higher levels.

I started questioning one thing in particular. Why the heck are there caves in middle of nowhere? Okay, that's not actually really out of the place, but why are the caves filled with traps? Who puts them there? Why do they have weird puzzles? Just to annoy the shit out of trespassers?
Also, let's say some bad dude teleports to the highest level of a 3-story grocery store. As you move through the areas where only workers are allowed, there are somehow demons all around the place and there's some weird laser puzzle you need to solve. Where'd the heck that come from? Did the villain install those in a split second?

If you don't know what I'm jabbering here about, I'm just questioning the logic of various RPG dungeons, and how some of them and their contents seem to lack a logical explanation.

Has anyone else been wondering about this?

EDIT: I'm starting to think that there's some Intergalactic Dungeon Decorator Bob who fills every JRPG dungeon with traps, monsters and puzzles instantly, for a fee.

[Poll] Western RPGs VS Japanese RPGs

So, I decided to make another VS thread, this time about the controversial subject of.... BREAD. And WRPGs. And JRPGs.

In nutshell, do you prefer WRPGs or JRPGs?
I'm going to go for WRPG, because Fallout New Vegas is enough to make me think they're awesome. It has one of the best villains IMO.

[Poll] Console Debate

While this thread may be very controversial, like when I said Chrono Trigger was a mediocre game, I'm still going to post a Console Debate thread. At least Kentona only said "SNES" without further opposition.


Recent purchases

No idea if a topic like this has been made before. Too lazy to dig up the old pages.

Anyway, what did you buy recently? Be it a red paper clip, a house or some random game.
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