15 years on... >_<;

Damn, sorry for posting on such an old thread, but this brings back memories of my middle-school and early high-school days. I hope all is well with airzone. His rpgmaker is what originally attracted me to I did find an even older post by johan (whom I feel like I should remember better than I do) that had the same nostalgic effect, bringing back memories I didn't know were still there.

I am currently trying to find an old computer that I'm sure has those community based games, namely IRCP and Story. Any chance some of you oldbies floating around have either of those still stored somewhere?

It's been years since I was involved with this scene. Just had to peek my head in.

Haha, I still would consider myself a noob as far as rpgmaking goes. I had a "design team" once, but we never got far.

I was mainly really active on the forums. And then when the site went down, a couple of us were convinced it was through illegitimate means and that Bart from GamingW had slighted us; he did, for a short time, own the domain name I think. I was the silly one who decided trying to get a huge following on our side from sister sites such as rpg2knet would help us "fight back" (and I hope I am not insulting anyone with this story, I'm just stating what my thoughts were back then when I was young). I was convinced whatever happened was real though. I forget what evidence we had though. I just remember being on the irc channel when Rast's ownership expired and the site went down. It was like the darkest day of our life. Haha. It's funny to look back now.

Soon, I'm going to have to try to find my old files from those days. I know I have saved transcripts from the channel and conceptual web page designs by DrTweeker when we thought we'd have a working web page within a year. I remember cryptically writing on forums, "...soon the spirit of will rise" or something stupid like that... The spirit of was how we referred to Tweeker's early design plans and was going to be a subtitle to the site when it went live. You see, we didn't think we could use anymore because Bart supposedly owned the name.

Anyway, has anyone ever made a thread to reminisce on old times yet? I mean, I see that not too many oldies are around for that kind of thing, but if we could get a couple of folks with better memory and more involvement than me, it could be fun to try and get a history together. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

I am not sure if I'll have time for serious rpgmaking again. Maybe I could be a little involved here and there. Then again, I do work night shift that occasionally can be slow enough to do extra curricular activities.

It's been years since I was involved with this scene. Just had to peek my head in.

Hello all. I've recently been taking a trip down memory lane, checking out old sites (or what's left of them) that I grew up with during my middle and early highschool years. This included the old rpg communities, namely the translation and game making ones. I just got done reading a thread on rpg classics about old times and that got me to thinking about my past in the community I was once involved in the most. And that all centered around this site, even during the years we were without a home and there was a big "conspiracy" surrounding it.

This is the username I used back then so I found it most appropriate to use now. I think for awhile at first, I went by Sephiroth, but who didn't back then? Are there any of you oldies still around? I'm thinking of those who would have been active around 1999-2002. I lost track of many when a good portion of old regulars started hanging around this music based irc channel (I think that's what it was). Name I remember are Rast, Ghallion (check spelling. I just know it was spelled different than in Lunar), DrTweeker, BGMdragon, Misterman, Kiwi (well, really she was this girl that everyone had a crush on who was only around a short while), that guy who crated or was trying to create the engine RPGStudio... The more I think about, the more comes to mind. Is Squirrel around? He was like the host of a similar site. And all of a sudden, unrelated, the sitename name Happy Apathy comes to mind. Oh, and there was someone who nicknamed me Nigilicious and I was supposed to have an ice cream shop in IRCP 2 (IRCP was a short game that included most of the active members of the community. There was another one that I think was called Story as well... One of them opened with a midi of Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" and one of the villains was Done Miguel, who translated the engine RPGmaker 2000 I think. The final boss was peer, I think).

Sorry for the scattered thoughts. I hope some of this rings a bell with someone. But I might just be too old! But if there are any oldies out there, hit me up! We should have a thread where we share memories of old adventures and teenage angst! Ha. I hope you all are doing well.

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