It's been years since I was involved with this scene. Just had to peek my head in.

Hello all. I've recently been taking a trip down memory lane, checking out old sites (or what's left of them) that I grew up with during my middle and early highschool years. This included the old rpg communities, namely the translation and game making ones. I just got done reading a thread on rpg classics about old times and that got me to thinking about my past in the community I was once involved in the most. And that all centered around this site, even during the years we were without a home and there was a big "conspiracy" surrounding it.

This is the username I used back then so I found it most appropriate to use now. I think for awhile at first, I went by Sephiroth, but who didn't back then? Are there any of you oldies still around? I'm thinking of those who would have been active around 1999-2002. I lost track of many when a good portion of old regulars started hanging around this music based irc channel (I think that's what it was). Name I remember are Rast, Ghallion (check spelling. I just know it was spelled different than in Lunar), DrTweeker, BGMdragon, Misterman, Kiwi (well, really she was this girl that everyone had a crush on who was only around a short while), that guy who crated or was trying to create the engine RPGStudio... The more I think about, the more comes to mind. Is Squirrel around? He was like the host of a similar site. And all of a sudden, unrelated, the sitename name Happy Apathy comes to mind. Oh, and there was someone who nicknamed me Nigilicious and I was supposed to have an ice cream shop in IRCP 2 (IRCP was a short game that included most of the active members of the community. There was another one that I think was called Story as well... One of them opened with a midi of Bon Jovi's "It's My Life" and one of the villains was Done Miguel, who translated the engine RPGmaker 2000 I think. The final boss was peer, I think).

Sorry for the scattered thoughts. I hope some of this rings a bell with someone. But I might just be too old! But if there are any oldies out there, hit me up! We should have a thread where we share memories of old adventures and teenage angst! Ha. I hope you all are doing well.

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