Corrupt a wish game!

Granted, To bad I was a ninja and stole it all from you! =P

I wish I didn't have to go to school... >.> Such a drag.

The Forum Game ^ < v

^... Hmmm... Thats Maybe. xD

< Am Bored

v is bored also.

The Forum Game ^ < v

^ Nope! Not ever!

< Has't seen quiversee for a long time.

v ;D

The Forum Game ^ < v


< Just Farted... And it really stinks.

V Knotices my down arrow is a "V"

Guess the Game!!!

from the looks of it... it looks like tarzan. but i might be wrong. tch. not. I am wrong.

Most popular online

Dub Movie

Most popular online

Wow Rosesky! You got me their! You actually listened to it?

Biological Attack! Text Adventure

*If you have one* Call everyone on you cellphone and see if they are alive. Then, Go hide in the mall and kill any zombies that's in it. You stack up on food and weapons *If any weapons shop in mall*. The sun is going down *If it is down, then going up* and you decide to call it a day. If the sun is going up, you decide to check the streets if any zombies could survive during day. *because you know, they might burn in the sun*.

Games you plan on playing.

author=NoblemanNick link=topic=1367.msg21091#msg21091 date=1214145721
I wanna play Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and Dynasty Warriors 5

DUDE! I have great news for you! And all the other Dynasty Warriors Fans! Dynasty Warriors 6 is going to be released as Dynasty Warriors 6: Special... FOR PS2!!! Yep. Not ps3!BUT PS2!!!