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Ah yes, for now, there's a bug with the status screen in the selection of characters.
Because I had some script help (from karins_soulkeeper, thanks once again) to hide the main character from the menu so that I could have a character leading the party while having 3 monsters in his party, there seemed to be a bug where the slot that you select in the menu shows the actor one slot before. So if you chose the monster in the first slot, it would show the hidden actor, yourself, instead. Whereas if you chose the second slot, it would show the monster in the first slot.

I... I have to quickly commission some scripts to fix all the bugs quickly...


Still, I am very excited to see more of this game. Actually, that might be understating it. I am completely stoked to see more of this game. Seems like it's going to blend town management, monster raising and dungeon crawling in the perfect ratio to suit my interests.

You don't know how happy I am to hear someone liking the game despite the amount of bugs it has. Due to my lack of programming skill, I couldn't fix all the bugs or build the game up to the way I imagined, and I was so worried about it.

I'm definitely going to continue working on this with my friends. We actually prepared so much stuff that didn't make it in. I'll probably have to find help with scripting before I can continue, though ^^;;

RPG Paper Maker


Super Battle Kiddo Experience!

These kiddies are TOO ADORABLE!

Really digging the font choice too.


Thanks everyone for the support!!!

Oh wow this is a
Oh wow

Subterranean Starfield

Woah! This looks AND sounds super cool!

Gonna try it out!

Essence Enforcer

Woah, the game art looks great!
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