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Video game franchises that need to return

Yeah it really did feel like Monster Rancher died out because everyone compared it to Pokemon.

Which is really dumb because Monster Rancher, in my heart, is still the best Monster Raising Sim.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I'm playing Tales of Zestiria too but I'm getting a little ticked off by the story of the game.
So... kid who's practically a mountain hermit comes down to the real world, willy-nilly nabs the role of the chosen one, and proceeds to be an expert of all the happenings of modern society.
The game barely scratches the minimum of using the PS4 when all characters don't even have animations to open doors, and objects in the distance just disappear, they don't even fade out.
The camera angles in battle are really bad too, it keeps clipping into walls.
Sorry I'm griped a lot about it the moment I read the name, but I'm really hoping someone can reassure me that my $73 purchase was worth it.

I'm playing Stella Glow on the 3DS right now too.
It's actually a decent SRPG, though battles could stand to pass faster.
Male characters are well-written, and the female characters are... tropes.

Video game franchises that need to return




Best mobile games you've played?

Heya guys!

Every night I'm trudging through the App Stores on my phone to see what's new, in the hopes I find something fun.

So it begs the question: What are some of the best games you've played on the phone?

inb4 the advent of RPG Maker MV games on mobile.

Currently, I'm into Chromatic Souls by GAMEVIL.
It's a simple RPG system, isn't overly complicated, I really like it.

I can absorb and feel electricity moving in my body?Help???

I like how some of our first reactions are 'Super powers!'

Creating an team game

Welcome to RPG Maker, Xhelazz!

Unfortunately, there's dime a dozen of new users like you who come in offering writing skills and looking for a team right off the bat.

It's... really not good practice.

You should try to create something on your own first to show your strengths, and also completing a game will show that you're a person that can see the process through, and that you know what it takes. Then, people will consider working with you. No one gets enough trust to garner a team right off the bat.

Good luck!

Single Area RPG

Do you mean a whole game happening in one space, like

A room that constantly changes as the player progresses, adding stuff and taking away stuff to create more obstacles until the game is solved?

That's how it came across in my head ^^;

Describe the above poster's avatar in a 5-word sentence.

Puff the magic horned iguana

Let's Try: Monstro City

AAAaaaaauuuuuggghhhh you found all my bugs! I'm so embarrassed DX

Thanks for playing, though!

Professor Layton stuff!

Layton made me love puzzles.