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Where are his eyes?


Ah yes, for now, there's a bug with the status screen in the selection of characters.
Because I had some script help (from karins_soulkeeper, thanks once again) to hide the main character from the menu so that I could have a character leading the party while having 3 monsters in his party, there seemed to be a bug where the slot that you select in the menu shows the actor one slot before. So if you chose the monster in the first slot, it would show the hidden actor, yourself, instead. Whereas if you chose the second slot, it would show the monster in the first slot.

I... I have to quickly commission some scripts to fix all the bugs quickly...

Building RPGMaker Events Challenges!

Yeaaaaa Karin got it!

I was super surprised to find out that you can add to a party member's stat via variable just through event commands.

Anyone have any favorite films, they would like to discuss?

Fight Clu- uh, I mean...

How did your first game turn out?

My first ever video game I made, I signed up for an optional course in Game Design for about 1-2 weeks back when I was... 10. It took place in a college, they were just trying to introduce games development to kids. I've been making games on paper-and-pencil before, and I liked video games so I was like 'yea ok i'll try it'.

What they let use was GameMaker... 5.
I made a game called Dragon Escape. It was really simple sideview (not even scrolling, you just navigated the whole map in one screen) shooting game. I made powerups, changed forms for the dragon on taking them, recolored sprites, tweaked with mechanics and speeds.
It was super simple. It really wasn't anything great.

But through this, I fell in love with game design *__*

Arbitrary damage cap

Psychological effects will cause people to defend more.

When it's easier to calculate the amount of damage it'll take to kill you, you feel more tactical, more willing to play defensively or use items to heal.

Take for example, Dragon Quest, with players starting at 25 HP, and every hit from a Slime that does 1 damage still makes me count down to when I need run back to heal.

25,000 HP and losing 1000 HP per hit... I don't know, I don't feel the same urgency.

Maybe it's just me. (sorry if I went a bit off the rails with this)

When do you grow up?

I think it's when you start realizing the weight your actions have on the people around you. Not just your friends and family, but even the people you hate.

Why your teacher scolded you in class. Why did you treat the cashier rudely just for a prank.

Stuff like that.

FF12 remake. It's a... Thing?

I love FFXII and I liked Vaan and Penelo, but really as a part of the plot they really were entirely redundant, like a pair that tagged along for the ride.

I came to notice the similarities between Tidus and Vaan in that both of them are not the main character. In FFX, the true 'main character' would really be Yuna, the one who had a destiny to save the world. Tidus happened to one of the 'sidekicks'. But eventually enough was revealed that tied Tidus into the plot of FFX to become crucial.

Vaan just looks like Rasler a little. If Reks was the main character, it would've made more sense.

But anyway, everyone knows the true leading man is Balthier.


Still, I am very excited to see more of this game. Actually, that might be understating it. I am completely stoked to see more of this game. Seems like it's going to blend town management, monster raising and dungeon crawling in the perfect ratio to suit my interests.

You don't know how happy I am to hear someone liking the game despite the amount of bugs it has. Due to my lack of programming skill, I couldn't fix all the bugs or build the game up to the way I imagined, and I was so worried about it.

I'm definitely going to continue working on this with my friends. We actually prepared so much stuff that didn't make it in. I'll probably have to find help with scripting before I can continue, though ^^;;

Building RPGMaker Events Challenges!

Oh, yes please, Marrend!

My next challenge:

You can send an actor through this event to gain +1 Strength.
Given that your 4-man party can be assembled from any combination of actors (let's say you have 30 actors and any 4 of them forms your party), how do you make this event reward the stat to the right actor?