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One day I'll compete on the world stage

Game Designer/Character Artist
Hello, and welcome to Evil Productions! Are games what they really seem?


NIVLACART - Character Artwork - Faces/Busts/Fullbody

Welcome to the NIVLACART art shop! I'm Nivlacart, game character artist and designer, and I draw with an anime art style largely inspired by Shirow Miwa (7th Dragon) and Yuji Himukai (Etrian Odyssey). Please allow me to recreate the vision of your game world!

~~~ TERMS OF USE of my art ~~~
- Once you've purchased an art from me, you may use it unlimitedly, both commercially and uncommercially. As many games as you want, promotional art, trailers, school projects; it is yours to use from now on; However,
- Do not claim credit for drawing the art.
- Please credit me in any production of yours that the artwork is used in. Even if it's a small name under Artists or Credits, I would like it very much.


The finished product will be saved and exported to be ready for use in RPG Maker right away!

This process is meant so I can create as accurate a design towards what you, as the customer imagines.

and art styles I can achieve

SHARP style - RPGMaker Heroes, Antagonist etc.
An artstyle with a strong emphasis on black lines and contrast. Can add a really impactful look to an exciting game.

BLEND style - Monster Girls, Redrawn Characters etc.
A style with a focus on colors and lighting, blending to create a look that fits any kind of game.

If you'd like to see more, please visit my art thread. I try to keep it as updated as possible!

fluctuates based on availability - currently working at $15/hr

Current State : Extremely Busy

FACE :: $45
BUST :: $75
FULLBODY :: $105

If you would like to make an order, please PM me using the Order Template listed below!

Availability : Extremely Busy! Will probably be able to take in another order only after a month! Will be out of town from 2/8 to 14/8, rushing as much as I can

Username :
Art Size :
Description/Reference Image :
Expressions (please list 8) :
Additional Remarks : (pose, would you like me to use a specific style or leave it up to me? etc. )
Engine that you normally use: (for exporting purpose)

Once confirmed, please make payment via PayPal in USD

I haven't been around here for quite a while because I just finished my conscription service in the army, and finally have the free time to pursue my hobbies and really got some drawing practice in.

I'm terribly strapped for cash right now because of all the pre-enrolment university fees, so I'm really trying to find some work out there. I would really appreciate the business!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ APPENDIX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Will draw :
Character Art, Cutscenes ( still unpriced ), Fanart, Monsters/Monster Girls, R18 ( extra cost )

Will not draw:
Gore, Gruesome violence, backgrounds (I'm bad at them), others ( will mention )

]I reserve the right to choose which projects I am willing to accept. If I might not be comfortable with the certain odd topic, please understand.

Want some flavor voice files of the default RPG Maker chars

Is anyone willing to create some voice files of the default RPG Maker characters like Ralph, Ulrika, Ylva, Eric, Terence and Bennett?

Just some flavor text one-word lines to pop up every now and then during dialogue like
'Hey' "Mmhmm' 'No.' 'What?'

And battle voices when it's their turn like
'Okay.' etc.

I just wanted to try out the feeling of it if I were to put it in a game, but I couldn't find any voice files lying around. Wondering if anyone could maybe record some for fun, and if it actually sounds and feels good, I'd probably write up some proper scripted lines and I'll even pay for them if it fits perfectly XD

[SCRIPTING] [RMVX ACE] Is there a way to play sounds on ineffective attacks?

Is there a way to play a sound when an attack type is resisted by the target?
I can't seem to find a script for it, is it not possible in RPG Maker VX Ace?

[RMVX ACE] Bigger Face Images in Battle HUD possible?

Is it possible to put


(Yanfly Battle System)

Basically is there a way to upload bigger Facesets? Or directly refer an image?
Or use Luna Engine somehow? I'm not sure which part of Luna Engine I'm supposed to touch.

Trauma Center

This game built such an interest in surgery in me that I never thought I would have (being extremely squeamish to gore)

Has anyone played this?
What were your best moments with this game?
Which were your favorite parts?
What other surgery media did you get into after this?

Oh man, will there ever be a new game?
Surely they can think of something for the WiiU, it seems practically made for it!

Best mobile games you've played?

Heya guys!

Every night I'm trudging through the App Stores on my phone to see what's new, in the hopes I find something fun.

So it begs the question: What are some of the best games you've played on the phone?

inb4 the advent of RPG Maker MV games on mobile.

Currently, I'm into Chromatic Souls by GAMEVIL.
It's a simple RPG system, isn't overly complicated, I really like it.

[RMVX ACE] Is there a way to hide a character from the menu?

I've a character where I want to be in the party just so their sprite can lead the party as it runs but I don't want it to appear in the menu because it's redundant in battle.

Is there a way to either hide the character or be able to use a sprite as the player and still have 3 followers behind it?

Oops I accidentally created two topics please delete this

I've a character where I want to be in the party just so their sprite can lead the party as it runs but I don't want it to appear in the menu because it's redundant in battle.

Is there a way to either hide the character or be able to use a sprite as the player and still have 3 followers behind it?

EDIT: I clicked on Create Topic a second time by accident please delete this topic

[RMVX ACE] How do I make a conditional branch that checks whether the player has several items?

I have 8 items to check. I vaguely remember there being a script call that had something to do with 'any' but I could be wrong.

How do I check if the player has at least 1 of these 8 items before I let the conversation continue?

[RMVX ACE] Gain state on critical hit for all skills? Help please!

I've been trying to implement a system in my game where if you score a critical hit, you gain a positive state while the foe gains a negative state.

From what I understand, this can be done for individual skills with the damage formula

if b.result.critical; a.add_state(30); end; a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2

but to implement this for every single command in the skill list seems a bit high-handed. I was wondering if there was a way to implement this for all skills, either by a script or notetags (which seem a lot less troublesome to copy paste).

I thought maybe Yanfly's Lunatic Mode might help but I don't have enough scripting knowledge to translate what I barely understand into code that his script understands.

Any help would be totally appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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