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Essence Enforcer
An Enforcer's duty is to protect the city and the people. But what, exactly, does that mean?
Sacred Earth: Memory
After a mysterious tower suddenly appears, stretching endlessly to the heavens, a group of friends choose to set foot inside, and investigate just what it's appearance means for their future.
The King's advisor is tasked with choosing the next heir to the throne.
Legion Saga X - Episode ...
A fan updated version of the RPG Maker 2000 classic
Star's Keep
When the future and past collide, will any timeline survive the chaos?
The story about tiny happiness and troubles.
Black Galax: Revert
Welcome to the scientifically advanced country Cliva! Where the strange and paranormal flies under the commoners radar...
Magnus Legend: Magnick S...
A Cinematic RPG with heavy contexts on politics, religion and alchemy.
Cancelled LS VXAce versi...
VXAce version of LS
Astral Transparency: Col...
A child whose existence shrouds the world...
Tales of the Drunken Pal...
Version 3 Released April 1, 2017
Fourteen heroes climb a tower infested with demons.
Apple Pie
Featuring a friendship system and tons of gameplay, Apple Pie is a game about friendship and trust.
"A joy to sit down and play" - Addit
Lawrence of Aragorn
A serious knight and a crazy priest search for their missing king.
Lost Dreams: The last Ma...
The story of a boy and his friends, swept into a battle with the world at stake. (Yup, doesn't "seem" all that original ;) )
Finding Eden
A microgame about friendship after the end of the world
Tristian: Lady of the Li...
To what extent must I go to protect you, Ianna...
Pointless Actions
"There must be more to life than this," said Ralph. "I mean, an RPG can't just stick the player with a generic, boring character and not have him DO anything!"
Trigger Princess
A full-fledged Role Playing Game experience featuring simple yet strategic gameplay, heavily inspired by MINTSPHERE's popular prequel, Trigger Knight.
Final Quest - The discip...
Ernest follows his teacher Ulrika into the wilderness for training, but not everything is what it seems.
Detective/science-fiction game with action RPG elements
Everyone is Happy
A game of exploration, conversation, television and death
Lakria Legends
Become one with Fate, or forge your own destiny. When a planet is on the brink of extinction, will you become its savior, or its downfall?
Adventure Academy
Raising Simulator with an eccentric sense of humor
a pretty FROSTY game for game chill 2013
Porcupine Princess
The story of two lovers separated by different beliefs.
Homework Salesman
A life simulation dungeon crawler / crafting / resource hoarding game
Night of Marian
Steampunk Fantasy Dystopia