Just finished a VERY good FF fangame which sadly isn't on the site. ;_; Is it possible that I could write a review for it, I wonder?


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Is it a classic RM game? If so, perhaps ask Lord Aremen to consider uploading it? Then you could review to your hearts' content. ^.^

If not, then perhaps you could make a topic for off-site game reviews? Or review it on the site you found it?

...Also, what was it called? I'd like to know for... reasons~
What's a "classic" RM game? Structure-and-plot wise it is similar to FFVI: has LARGE playable cast (including the optional character the number goes to 15!), character-related sidequests, and even has Dragon's Neck Coliseum (although it lacks Ultros ;_; ).
I'm in the contact with the author with YouTube and s/he's saying that s/he's making a "Director's Cut" version which will add more content to the game.

The base for the story is this event:

So yes, it's a Final Fantasy XIV 'midquel'.

It's called Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance, and here's a gameplay video regarding one the superbosses:
Guardian of the Description Thread
I think you might be able to do a review of a non-RMN game as an article? I vaguely recall this occurring at least once, but it was some time ago.
As much as 2.0's canon will shit on it (Coil spoilers, people!)... I now want to try it. <_< Any chance on a link at least?

(Oh god, I just realized I'm not sure if a link would be against rules or whatever... ;_; If so, sorry sorry sorry. But I've been on an FF-kick lately and I'm amused to see where a fan game of FFXIV would go... I did do a Google search, unfortunately the name is a little generic when it comes to Final Fantasy terms.)
As much as 2.0's canon will shit on it (Coil spoilers, people!)... I now want to try it. <_< Any chance on a link at least?
The download link is in the game's YouTube preview video description.
Der, I never though to check th- holy crap, that file size. o.o Well, that's definitely not fitting in my Dropbox to play on the laptop, hah. Anyways, thanks a lot! Looking forward to taking a stab at it. Want to see how this person's version of the canon goes - I'm rather a huge fan of Eorzea as a setting~

(Ul'dah, represent! <_<)
^ Ul'dah for life yo! Best city-state out of the three. Plus it has #Paladinswag.
Might try this too. I love how the faces in battle are actual FF14 avatars :P
A word of warning: you may find some character-related sidequests quite difficult to complete, but they appear like 20 hours into the game or so. If someone needs help, I can help with quite a lot of content, but not everything.
Started playing, looked through the graphics files... I am disappoint with the non-presence of Roggie characters. ;_;
Roegadyns aren't too popular it seems. At least not on my server. I had one on my coil group for like the first time ever a week ago. No one cares about you unless you're the lalas or the cat people ;P

Also downloadin it now... oooooh that gig size is killing me.
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