I'm turning into a moogle for a bit, a moogle whose current state is visible in the avatar. ;P

I'm in love with Parker Gabbiani from Final Fantasy Discovery, even though Parker haven't appeared in the demo (yep, that's right; I fell for the cute face! And she wears glasses! Just like me!).
Also, I feel like I'm turning into a crazy fanboy of Final Fantasy Discovery ;S .


[Ren'Py] Different Character Sprites

Well, I'm a complete Ren'Py newbie and wanted to give characters a different image style (example) but I noticed the bottom of the image is automatically aligned with the bottom of the window making the image be hidden behind the text. Does anyone have any suggestions how I could move that image up? Thanks in advance.

[RM2k3] David Patch + RM2K3++

I'm wondering if it's possible to somehow get the David Patch and RM2K3++ to work together. What I need is David Patch with its large database windows to work with those insanely large value limit breaks from Seena's patch, mainly the one thing that allows all attribute effect ratings to go from -32767% to 32767%, so I can scale my game's skills better. I can't get the two to work at the same time since it's coded in RM2003.exe file as far as I am aware and from what I can tell the best solution would be to update the David Patch, but I'm quite certain it's not going to happen any time soon.

[RM2k3] Lightning Returns-Inspired Battle System

So recently I've been working on a battle system inspired by Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII:

Currently, I have a working GP/EP display (the circular object with the super number number in it; intended max value is 9 BTW) and HP and MP display (the numbers turn green if the current HP and/or MP matches the maximum HP and/or MP).

The command display is only temporary. I plan to make it similar to what was in Lightning Returns.

The most mundane task will probably be some kind of ATB gauge or something. Any advice on that?
Also, since this in on the map rather than in actual battle screen, how do I immobile the player character (Lightning in this case)?

[RM2k3] Panorama Importing

I recently completed a map remake of FFV's merged world (link) and now I want to make water as parallax/panorama which would just slowly move to the right but honestly I can't get it to work.

I tried to save as both PNG and BMP using indexed colours with permitted maximum 256 colours (I use GIMP of that's any help), and I even made the water tile into 320×240px and 640×480px images (with the same qualities as mentioned above) but that doesn't help either.

When I'm importing it's either "Unsupported PNG Image" (for PNGs despite being indexed colour) or "Invalid colour depth." (for BMPs).

Also, this is the tile in question:

[Request] Winter Town Tiles

Can someone link me to winter town tiles for RPG Maker VX? Preferably something that foes with Celianna's tiles as I'll mostly be using her tiles.

Thanks in advance.


Over past two years since I started spriting (it's more of a hobby than anything) I created nearly a dozen of sprites, including having some WIPs. Here they are, categorised per template used.

Emmych's Template

FINAL FANTASY V Faris Scherwiz (Sprite Appearance)

FINAL FANTASY X Yuna (Summoner)



Without glasses

With glasses

FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Lightning (Work-In-Progress)

--Emmych: all sprites.
--LoMastul: FF:DoS Monk, FFX Lulu, FFXIII Jihl Nabaat (both sprites).
--Noel Kreiss/Kaimi ('Kaimi' is preferable as it's my most common internet moniker).
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