nothing much, just like playing games, though my current laptop is crap, planning to buy a new one eventually to play games with playable fps



Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

hmm, I've been messing around a bit, and just wondering, what does the guy in the VIP lounge give you if you bring him everything he asks you for?

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

wow nice to see this game got a new update with a new powered up final boss, but man, i gotta say that abelia is pretty friggin op with flare especially when you buff her magic, whenever i feel going "easy mode" i have abelia, cassey and divinus on the team and the last person doesn't really matter, but i do challenge myself by not using abelia and use random characters

Afterlife: The Second Dimension

ok finished the game now and man that was eeepiiiiiiiic, but i'm just confused about the story, so basically everyone died and yuna's dad made a machine that kept all of their bodies in the world of the dead? sorry , sometimes when playing games my mind wanders off and i miss out on what just happened

Angel Key

hmm, looks interesting, sub

Seven Mysteries

haven't played yet but i'm about to, man the description makes this game seem so creepy, love it, can't wait to play this game and get all the endings! but dang, i wonder if the last chapter is really that hard to get to, whatever, almost midnight my time, so time to get scared and hopefully not wake up anybody

Ciel Nocturne

haven't played yet but judging from comments, this looks promising, sub'd! and I love dark stuff, but usually i never have the courage to play horror games, but for this game i'll suck it up and be a man!.....ish.....

Afterlife: The Second Dimension

man, I seem to see Shayoko in pretty much every comment section I've been to, he/she seems to know a lot about rpg maker games....... Or is just really fed up with grammar (no offense, I can be like that too actually)

Storms of April

Ehh it's alright, I'll just get back in and destroy all those monsters and finish rain excursion, btw, where do I go while in the forest? I was walking around so much but couldn't find where to go, didn't know where the machine was or the leysphere

Storms of April

enjoying this game so far, i would love to see this get finished, though there are some small issues, one being the alchemy parts, like the ell1e said, it'd be better to just have it automatically be done for you, and i also think that instead of simply putting you straight into combat do some sort of introduction for the combat, well not necessarily for the combat itself as that is really easy to figure out, but the top bar for the overdrive stuff confused me a bit till i figured out what it was. I prefer using wasd instead of the arrow keys for movement, but the s button seems broken where april will change directions facing down, but wont move, i think that enemies spawn a bit too fast and maybe have them spawn a bit slower after killing them, i think that april and alec should be a bit stronger when using their normal attack, even though they have high mp and their magic attacks do deal lots of damage, if you're like me and like to do lots of exploring/dont know where to go so that you end up fighting lots of enemies, you'll eventually run out of mp and have no ethers so now tarin is doing all the fighting, also, make some of the prices for items cheaper, in other rpg games i've played at this point of the game you could at least buy like 3 potions and 3 ethers, and i've killed lots of enemies too but they don't really give lots of gold, a smaller gripe is how the drawings of the characters are different in the level up screen, while i do think they look nice, it feels weird going from kinda short hair april to april with longer hair, and a black haired tarin to a redhead one, but this i think isnt a big deal, and now this thing pissed me off quite a bit (it's mostly my fault though), so since i realized how short the demo was i didnt feel the need to save, so i got to the point where i finished most sidequest, but i got to the one where you go to the enchanter girl in the library, she tells you to make that mirror, and when i did and came back to her, the game froze(not exactly) what happened was, the dialog box came up but with no dialog, and the box was "squished" so it was thinner and stretched out from top to bottom of the screen, kinda hard to explain though, and i was so pissed because i didnt save, ehh whatevz, ill just go through with what i did but skip anything optional, anyways, thats it, i really enjoyed this game while i lasted all throughout that glitch, these issues i had i dont really think are particularly huge, except for that last one and the ones about characters being stronger, great game and i hope you get this think done, i'd love to be a tester but seeing as to how crappy my laptop is i think i wouldnt do you any good if i cant tell a difference between lag and glitch, though i guess if you released more demos and possibly the entire game, me and whoever else downloads it can give you some advice, now go on and make this game a huge hit, if you dont i'll stalk your family....... just kidding........ or am I?

Edit: ok i just read the stuff about the level up thing and the mirror, why did i get that weird box glitch though? and yes i did spam enter a lot of times, anyways, whatevs, if you dont finish this game i will find you and i will make you my girlfriend.......wait whaaaaa

Storms of April

hope this gets released soon, this looks promising
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