Test-Players Needed!

I've got YOU?! Wait wat. Is there another name I know you by on Discord? Lol.

Uh, I think I'm Justinian.

Test-Players Needed!

You may need to get someone else besides me.

Dragon Quest +

"Casts Revive"

"But it didn't work"

But hey, though! I'm sorry I've kept everyone waiting...without any updates. I've been working on the game very slowly, as still my eyes die if I look at a screen for too long. Even on low light settings they feel like they're burning.

Dragon Quest XI comes out next week and I probably can't even enjoy it. I've gotta wait for my insurance to get reinstated so I can get my eyes checked out and continue this game like I want to. In the meantime, there is a demo up which is essentially the entire game remade, but yes it's still incomplete.

Again, to everyone that is interested in this product I'm sorry for how it has slowed down, but it is my intent to finish it.

Your eyes are far more important than a good game.

Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

A hero is neither late or early, but arrives exactly when he means to. (Late 2018 is an outside chance at this point but don't bet the farm on it. 2019 is more likely)

Thank you so much for that response. :D

Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

I'm psyched too. @kentona , should we expect this by 2019 or sooner?

Hero's Realm: Heroic Edition

I think the first thing I do on getting Enobong is renaming her to ororo Monroe, her spikey hair reminds of Storm from X-Men.

Hero's Realm

I don't know why but installing the font of FF6 doesn't work on my new computer.


So I'm playing Hellion and have barely made it past the Butcher at level 10. I was about to ask how you kill him but . . . instead of that, I'll just ask for some tips on how to kill him in the future?


Ah the spell casting is interesting.

Project Management 101

I am sooo excited for this. :D
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