Hey, Novalux here. I'm planning to make some games someday, if I ever get around to finishing them. I enjoy trying out others' games on rpg maker as well and writing reviews.


TCGs as a basis for skill creation

Basically, I wanted to list some ideas hear your guys ideas on using deck strategies/ deck building ideas as a ways to help create skills in rpg combat systems.

The basic goal of most CCGS is to reduce your opponents HP before your own is depleted, much the same as RPGs. Some ideas we might take from CCGS:

Card combos- getting cards to play off each other is crucial to victory, similarly skills should play off each other and states they create. Or, make it so that an actor can perform more than one action in a turn, creating possibilities for skills to affect each other. For instance, a skill "Follow hit" which does more damage if "first strike" was used that turn.

Deck building- As deck building is an important part of CCGS, perhaps skill building could be a part of a battle system. For example, actors could choose their respective skills with maybe a limit to the number of skills they can use in any certain battle. Choosing high cost or low cost skills, or even limited
use skills (think limited copies of cards in a deck).

Summoning- a huge part of deck building games is summoning creatures- designing a class/ battle system around summoning temporary allies might be worth doing. They don't even technically have to be creatures- they could be damage dealing turrets, or even objects (like a gunpowder barrel) that could be targeted by allies and enemies alike.

Endgame strategies- When deck building, you have to think of what your core combos/ strategies are to win the fight. The same could be said for rpg battles- do you go for stun locking your opponent, emphasize and stack certain states, etc.
Some types of decks ive run into and how they might translate to an rpg:
Poison counters/ effects that activate when poison is applied- A class that has leech counters that stack and grow stronger with time
Block damage/ Taunt/ have cards that take agro from healers/ damage dealers- Paladin/ taunt classes, albeit an established rpg concept
Necromancy decks- summons or class that grows stronger based on dmg done to allies/ turns passed
equip focused decks- allow chars to change equips/ stances mid battle, make sure equips are significantly different
Enrage decks- char that starts off weak but grows in strength from missing hp

These are just a few ideas we could take form deck building games. Any others?

[RMMV] Audio works in playtest, not in editor

Not sure if this is the right category as it may be more of a general computer audio problem, but when I playtest my game the audio works fine- the problem is that when I try to play music in the game editor, it's muted. I believe its related to the problem here:

specifically, the last comment made by the author, that somehow the audio box for "editor" was unchecked. Problem is, I don't know how to get to an audio manager window for MV. I've heard some people say to press f1 when the play tester is open, but when I do that, nothing happens.

[SCRIPTING] [RMMV] HUD Maker HP bars for present enemies only

I'm surprised I have't found anything on this as it's a basic issue, but I've been using HUD Maker by SumRndmDude to make Enemy HP and MP bars. It works fine, up until you change the number of enemies in a troop from, say, 3 to 2. I have it set up so the value of HP bar is
and the max is .mhp, and it works. Then I have set up $gameTroop.members 1 and 2. But if I start a battle with two members, the third HP bar shows up anyways.

From the tutorial videos I can gather there's a "condition" box for each hud element, where it only shows up under that condition. What I'm looking for is the syntax of a condition where bar 3 only shows up if there is a 3rd party member (alive or dead). Something along the lines of;

$gameTroop.members()(1) = true

[SCRIPTING] [RMMV] How to apply script effects to an enemy

I feel like there's a simple answer to this one, but I don't know how to get a target's ID and store it as a variable

So I'm not even sure if this is possible with a script call, but I wanted to add a state at X%, where X is a function all its own. What I'm thinking it would look like is something like this:

b.(enemy max hp - enemy current hp)/ enemy max hp = var 001
Random number generate 0-1 = var 002
If var 002 <= var 001,
then $gameTroop.members(){enemyIndex}.addState(n)

I can already script call to add a state to an enemy at 100%, but I'm trying to have a state added at, say, a 30% chance if 30% of their HP is missing. I think this can be done via script call- the reason I put b.() in there was that I know you can create custom damage formulas, so I was hoping to apply a state via the dmg formula box. If there's a script that can do what im asking that's fine too.

[RMMV] Capture enemy after battle ends

So I've seen a few articles on different pokemon-style capture methods where the enemy can be captured mid-battle, but for my purposes I'm looking for a script or workaround that adds an enemy to your party after the battle ends if they are in X state when the battle ends.

For example, I can use skill "Charm" that adds state "fascinated" to enemy, and if when the battle ends, and enemy that still has that state "fascinated" joins the party (but not if they're dead). The intent being that they can still snap out of "fascinated" mid battle by themselves or via teammates, and if they do they aren't added to the party.

Also, if you know a way to end the battle when all enemies are "fascinated" or dead and still give XP to party members for kills that would be appreciated.

[SCRIPTING] [RMMV] MP Drop after attack

What I'm looking for is a sort of MP cost for a action, where the action can be used regardless of whether you have enough MP left, but it will still drain your MP. For example- I have 2 MP left, and I want to use a skill that drains up to 3 MP when you use it. I would still be able to use the skill, it would just would drain my mp to 0.

To put it in perspective, I replaced the MP bar with a "stealth bar" in my project- I want the character to be able to fire a gun which drains 3 SP (stealth points), but I don't want to require him to have 3 SP stored up in order to shoot.

[RMMV] [SCRIPTING] Conditional Branch enemy mp

Should be simple, but I need a script call that basically says:

IF enemy (as in enemy index one) > x, then add state y

[RMMV] Level up event help

I already found a script to trigger a common event on leveling up, the trouble is what comes after. I have a system set up where extra stats (STR, DEX, INT, etc) are recorded in variables. What I want to do is:

Put party member # of {actor id} into a variable. {EX, if Actor 7 levels up, get their party member # {say, 2, or 3}, and put it into a variable.}

Keep in mind that I can create a separate common event for each actor using this script:

[RMMV] Enemy Target Info

Looking for a plugin like Yanfly's Enemy Target Info for Vx Ace, where you can see what states the enemy has in battle and a description for each.

[SCRIPTING] [RMMV] Out of battle status effect check

I'm looking for a way to check your current status effects and see a short description for each status effect, both in and out of battle.

YEP has an in battle status script that works well in battle, but I can't seem to check what status effects I have and their descriptions from the menu, outside of battle

Running YEP Status menu core, YEP Main menu manager, YEP In battle status.
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