Mortality is felt even far beyond us, amidst the blackened flotes of infinity.
For stars, too, pass on.
But when their life does expire, their light does not.
Even in death, their legacy is felt forevermore.
The light they pronounce shall continue to travel and reflect throughout the observable cosmos endlessly, until the marching of time itself is retired.

To lead a life which is felt long after it has ended, is all we as human beings should ever strive to achieve. To shine a bright and beautiful light into the lives of our future generations, so that our children may flourish and prosper.

We are nothing if not that, as all we truly are is what we leave behind.

I'm a writer before I'm a game designer, but before both I am an artist.




This artwork is positively heartwarming!
Endearing, even!

I will definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

RMN Holiday Calendar

I never doubted you. Glad it's finally finished!
Seems like you've put more than your fair share of effort in. Well done.
Merry Christmas!


I'm more of a right beef kinda guy...


oh, that's pretty interesting.
apologies, sometimes it really do be like that.


You guys are wildin'.
All I see is the unstoppable marching of time slowly guiding us back to the dust from whence we arose.


This is gorgeous.


I have no intentions of changing the cursor. Flowers have held great symbolism in regards to the story of this game, for over four years. I'm more than happy with keeping it.

Particles and background will be changed before February 13th.


Why use a carbon copy of moghunters status page? Shouldn't you change it a bit to give your game a bit of originality?

Switching from tweaked default windows, to the Moghunter plugins, is the main highlight of this screenshot. You'd be a fool to think this is the final product.


Your karma has decreased by 500 points.


Sacred Sin

Great game. Interesting characters, good writing. The different perspective battles were cool and well executed.

Bugs(?) : The chest that needs to be opened with the wooden key says its locked when interacting with it after obtaining the items from it.

I will definitely be following the development of this game, and will be looking forward to the final product.

p.s. i will destroy u if lenny dies

What a nice comment! Seriously, you made my day a heck of a lot better. So, thanks!
Don't worry about that little problem with the chest. It's no longer present in the version I'm working on. :)

Now I don't mean to spoil anything, but this game is all about the decisions the player makes. Meaning, if Lenny dies, it's probably your own fault. So please spare me from your wrath <3

Thanks again!
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