Mortality is felt even far beyond us, amidst the blackened flotes of infinity.
For stars, too, pass on.
But when their life does expire, their light does not.
Even in death, their legacy is felt forevermore.
The light they pronounce shall continue to travel and reflect throughout the observable cosmos endlessly, until the marching of time itself is retired.

To lead a life which is felt long after it has ended, is all we as human beings should ever strive to achieve. To shine a bright and beautiful light into the lives of our future generations, so that our children may flourish and prosper.

We are nothing if not that, as all we truly are is what we leave behind.

I'm a writer before I'm a game designer, but before both I am an artist.


RMMV Plugin Request: Combining Skills

Hello! I'm not gonna bother with introductions, and just jump into this.

I'm looking for someone to make me a plugin. I'll pay for the service. The plugin, in essence, would allow the player to take the skills they've learned, and merge them together.

For example. Jimmy knows Fireball and Tornado. He opens the menu, goes into the plugin's section, and combines the two spells. Now, when in combat, he does not have access to Fireball or Tornado, and instead has Flame Tornado. Something like that. The spells can be un-combined whenever, but the process of merging/un-merging can only occur outside of combat.

If this sounds like something you're up for, or, if you know of a plugin that replicates this, please let me know! I've had no luck finding a plugin like this, but I've also had moments where I looked for something I was literally holding, so... It's entirely possible I just missed something. Thanks! :)
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