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Chain of Retribution
A rivalry between sisters threatens to tear down a nation.



Rubi Review

Thanks for the review! Haha, might need to dial back on the food talks, I didn't even recall putting much food dialogue... but glad you enjoyed! And yeah... the moonwalking will def need to be fixed when I eventually update this.

Chain of Retribution Review

Thanks for trying it out! Just have to add, Dajhail was also part of the team, you can thank him for a good part of the well written parts!

And yeah, the way we worked on it meant people like Jihaus could fix my attempts at making the game easier, or if someone wanted to focus on the gameplay parts and put in placeholder maps, I could go in or someone else could go in and touch up the maps!

Chain of Retribution

Geez i grinded a lot but the green haired mercenary woman still wrecks me. The worst part is that i saved at a point before i got to her battle and now i can't go back to grind some more.

That's rough! I admit she's probably a roadblock for quite a few people, how do you approach the battle? I don't QUITE remember the strategy, I'll have to ask Jihaus but I think the order you kill the enemies in that fight makes a difference in how the battle will proceed... I don't necessarily think you need to gain more levels, but agh it's been a while so I will ask Jihaus about it!

Warrior / Lancer class

Time flies! It's been long enough that I would rather do Paradise Blue in MV rather than VX Ace. However, with Cast Ashore, Fragments of Mind, and other projects (including studying for half the year last year for a certification), it's been hard to find the time. I still want to do it! I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since the initial Paradise Blues release... where does the time go?

Sorry for the delay, it's still on my to do list!

Stolen RMN Games on Steam

I have to thank people for letting me know that Island Sky was there, I didn't even know until I was alerted. But it's strange that they'll take down one game, go "OUR WORK HERE IS DONE" and not do anything about the one who uploaded it in the first place. Like "they stole this one game but I'm sure all the other 30 are legit".

Theme Roulette

OK, this is super late since I accidentally missed the deadline due to having the wrong time zone on, so I just polished it slightly and am releasing it here now.

Made in RM2k3

Everybody Make A Dumb Game This Weekend

I overreached with mine so I will release it, just at a slightly later time!

Everybody Make A Dumb Game This Weekend

Let's do this! Time to show off my (lack of) RPG maker skills!

Cast ashore Review

Thank you for the review! Yes, I got to fix up those issues in the full release so it's worthy of a good pirate adventure RPG! :D


A new perspective, nice spritework, are there animations now too? I guess I'll find out as I play the new demo.

Yes there are! I don't know if all of them are present but there are actual battle animations now.