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Chain of Retribution
A rivalry between sisters threatens to tear down a nation.


RMN Pixel Quilt event

Rules are simple. Add onto the picture 'quilt' by pixelling on one of the panels. If we run out of room, just expand the canvas size! Just make sure it fits the quilt dimensions.
Reserve your quilt piece in advance, and make sure to wait for someone to finish theirs if it is next to yours and reserved earlier so we don't have some messed up borders. You can make whatever you want, just make sure you have it flow and match the border of the images around yours.

Note- It's for fun, so feel free to try it out even if you don't think you are a good at pixel art!

I'll start things off.


Save your additions as a PNG file, NOT jpg.
A1 - Nessiah (Done)
A2 - Xion Steel (Done)
A3 - NewBlack (Done)
A4 - Miracle (Done)
A5 - Caz (Done)

B1 - Rhyme (Done)
B2 -Ocean (Done)
B3 - LockeZ (Done)
B4 - Ocean (Done)
B5 - Indrah (Done)

C1 - Happy (Done)
C2 - alterego (Done)
C3 -itrombe (Done)
C4 - K-hos (Done)
C5 - UPRC (Done)

D1 -MrChearlie (Done)
D2 - Zeuzio (Done)
D3 - Gourd_Clae (Done)
D4 - MrChearlie (Done)
D5 - AlterEgo (Done)

E1 - Dudesoft (Done)
E2 - LockeZ (Done)
E3 - Liberty (Done)
E4 - Evil Eagles (Done)
E5 - Charles Gabriel (Done)

JPCs backgrounds/games

Anyone have these backgrounds or projects/maps of his? I wanted to look at them again but I don't seem to have any of them. Please post if you have any!



Just announcing the steam sale they have on this. I'm unsure how long it's going to go for but it's $5 right now. I thought it was a nice and fun game with the primary thing being that you're an item salesperson. You do have an action RPG part but your character isn't the one doing the fighting. You just hire someone to do that for you and you control them for that point.

This was my playthrough of it.

Icon commissions

Hello everyone! I'm opening up icon commissions to help raise up some money. I can try various styles, or you can give me a reference style to work from. I can even do exfonts for RM2k3 if you want that.

Incomplete iconset, 32x32 size icons

49 24x24 sized icons, inspired by icons from raindropmemory.

And some modern styled icons!

I'll keep the icons private and made just for you unless you're fine with them being released. The price is $1 per icon, so I'd appreciate if you ordered at least 4 icons. Any other questions, please let me know, or message me if you'd like some icons! :3

Making mockups of your game

So I've been told that most of my graphics are bright and cheery, and that I need more variety. This was mainly due to that I mostly make graphics for my own games, which are bright and cheery. Or I've worked for some other games where I generally had to also do a bright and cheery style. But regardless, variety would be a good thing and I could use the practice!

You can post a screenshot of your game, and I'll try to make my own interpretation mockup of it. It can be a menu system too if you'd like or battle perhaps. If possible try to say a little bit about your screen so I don't just see a screen with Rudra sprites and background and wonder what you were going for, setting/character wise.

I think I'm gonna limit myself to 12 screens, so one per person. I would like to use these for portfolio/practice purposes but I will state where the screen came from and link to the game. Just don't rush me, I have other things to do as well! They will be 320x240 likely. I hope to see some interesting screens, so I'd like to see what comes of it!

Completed list:
-Joseph Seraph

Ocean version


Ocean version


Ocean version


To do List:
-Feldschlacht IV

Melody CTB turn order issue

I thought this looked silly enough, but it works even less for my battle system because of the bar on top.

This is how it's like right now. The CTB order is right on top. (This is still incomplete so I have a random 500 on someones name, that's just how many turns a status effect will last, and I dunno why it even shows that)

I'll be getting rid of or repositioning that message, but right now the CTB order thing just goes right down. I didn't see an option to keep that in a fixed position.
(I still have plenty of other things to fix but I'm working on that slowly).

What can I do for this? I just want that CTB order to stay up top and not shift entirely down when I select an enemy to attack.

Hiding the HUD

Not like this is a really new trend that no one has noticed, but I was playing Fable 3 and got me to thinking more about this and how it applies to RPGs. Granted, that one is more an action RPG, but getting rid of the HUD seems to be something more developers are interested in nowadays, especially for immersions sake.

What do you think about this move? For those of you who haven't played Fable 3: Instead of a menu, it has a sanctuary where you can go in the dressing room to pick out your clothes, in the armory to pick out your weapons, and stuff like that. Or instead of HP, like most FPS games nowadays, it has no health display and the screen gets greyer and a red tint when you're low on health (and it allows you to use a potion if you're low on health).

Not saying you should be doing this or that this is the future of all games, just wanted to discuss the general topic, and I gotta run so I'll be back to this later. Not sure if that's the right topic title for this but I think you get the idea.

Error popup in Rm2k3

I get this error from time to time, does anyone know what causes it and what I can do to fix it? I seem to only get it when I go into a battle, but it doesn't happen all the time and there's nothing special about the battle coding wise that should cause it to bug like that.

Bahamut lagoon battle characters

They could be either battlecharsets or battle animations, I don't mind. Does anyone have any of them? I managed to find Byuu, Matelite, and Barclay, a bit distorted so it's not the best but I found that on charas project.

If no one has them, it's fine and I'll just make the animation sheets from sprite rips, I just figured I'd ask in case someone already has them or if anyone knows of a project that's used them.

Oceans bunches of stuffs

Haven't posted stuffs in a while, so I'll place these here.

A background I made for my friend. I hope she doesn't see this yet as I'm supposed to give it to her in a few days. Was trying out a Magical Starsign type of style with this.

Some Azulea chipset work. The tree is old but that I didn't really feel like redoing.

Character sprites for Azulea.

Testing an animation

Watercolor still life


A Halloween themed scene, also the biggest sprite I've ever made.

And an Amelia sprite.
Complete with a video on the process of making it:
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