Eventually, everything hits the bottom.
Halmoore: A Hero's Story
A young boy embarks on an adventure to find answers, and himself.


Need Sprite Artist For Poses $

Hello there!

I am creating a game by the name of Halmoore: A Hero's Story and it's to the point where I will need some poses for my characters. Here is a description of what comes to mind when I say poses:

- Laying down (both asleep & hurt/tired)
- Sitting Down
- Shocked Pose
- Battle Ready Pose
- EXTRA: Tired on all fours

I am willing to pay for such work, if you are interested please inbox me here or on my email (facundodanielaguirre@gmail.com) and we can discuss payment and work. Thanks!

We need a new composer for Halmoore! (Action Adventure RPG)

Hello, Odin here.

The work for Halmoore has been steady and we're making sure that everything is 100% for the official demo release coming up. However, our composer has let me know last minute that he has to leave the team due to other things outside of Halmoore that require his attention. It sucks, but what're you gonna do, right?

Anyways, I was wondering if there was anyone around here who composes music and is interested in becoming part of the Halmoore team, as it's musical composer? Of course, you will be given compensation for your work if you deem it necessary, however please don't expect a LARGE quantity of sums your way (all our developers and side members are doing it all for free) as we don't really have a ton of funds to spare.

Please let me know if you are interested!
Halmoore: A Hero's Story awaits someone!

Help us fund our project!

Hey guys, as some of you know, me and Dezz are working on a project that we started last year. We've recently released a demo and are working to finish the game by the end of this year/early 2014. However, with all projects, comes an investment. This basically means that we have to hire music composers, artists for character designs and settings, and promoters. I have set up a site where you can help us fund this game to continue forward with what we're doing. There are awesome prizes in it for you guys who donate! It means a lot to both of us, and we cannot wait to release this game! Thank you so much, to everyone. :)

Donate here: http://www.gofundme.com/2j1a10

Once again, thank you!

What makes a great anime, for you?

Just a regular discussion.
I'm curious as to what first comes to mind, or what people desire about an anime?

Personally, my favorite at the moment is Higurashi because of it's complicated way of telling it's story. That, and the memorable characters. The awesome, relate able characters as well! For example, I love Mion's appearance tomboyish attitude, and Rena's innocent personality. This however can change in the instant! Whenever something drastic happens, I feel it, ya know?

So there's my opinion, what about yours?

Sprite Problem With Sapphire Action System IV

Hey guys

Well basically what I have here is Sapphire Action System IV, my game has custom sprites, and they are taller than the average sprites. Here is a preview:

And for some monsters, I wanted to use some Rpg Maker XP sprites, however, my problem is that the enemy that I create does not show up, and I've noticed that it only shows up if I put in a sprite from Ace. I use the "$character" name file for all my sprites, could that be the problem?
Here is a code of what I put in the monster database:
Nature = 0
Animation = 1
Char = $Goblin
Char_index = 1

Nothing shows up, but if I change it to:
Nature = 0
Animation = 1
Char = Evil
Char_index = 1

It'll show the sprite with no problem, help?

ABS System needed for a video game!

Hello, Odin here!

I am in need of someone who can put time and effort to be part of a development team for the game that I am creating. I making a 6 piece saga by the name of Halmoore. And I am starting with Halmoore: A Hero's Story. I need an ABS system for this game, because I have been planning this out and I feel like that would make this game a bit more unique and it would appeal to a much bigger audience. I have already made a demo for this game, but it was in RPG Maker 2003, it is an old and outdated program. I am re-releasing the demo with VX Ace, and I need someone who can script with ace. Thank you for your time! Please contact me if you are interested!

Link to game: http://rpgmaker.net/games/3589/

Need a Composer for 6 part video game series.

Hello, Odin here.

I am the developer for Halmoore: A Hero's Story. I am in need of a composer that can do battle music, scenic music, and create orchestra-like compositions as well. I would like to have a Yoko Shimomura influence with the music, because her compositions are exciting, I find. I also wish to have a "trademark" theme for the game, such as how Kingdom Hearts has "Simple and Clean" by Utada Hikaru. The actual compositions would be used in the second game and over, because I am planning on making those go commercial.

Thank you for taking the time to read my needs for something that I believe will be big! Message me for details please!
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