Bonjour tout le monde !

Ho ho!

Hi bro. :p

Well I didn't post a lot these last months... Will try to change that. ^^

Coffee Preferences

I drink café from time to time, with a lot of sugar and a drop of milk. :)

Screenshot Schmeenshot

Man I don't know if the boss is some custom stuff from you but it's badass. ^^

Your artistic tools

which of those programs do you use for it? Also, do you pixel-artists use your tablets when doing so?

I use PaintShopPro 9, with a mouse (easier to zoom in and out, more precise...). I think there is no pixel-artist using a tablet. :P

paintshoppro almost won but with 1 undo no thank you.

Hu? ^^" Paint Shop Pro = 150 (default) undos, and you can configure it to have unlimited undos. PSP9 (9 because it was still a Jasc Software product, after the company was bought by Corel and it became more Photoshop-like) is great for pixel-art (and other types of creation) because it is really "light" (quick loading, installation needs 100mo), the tools are really useful (you can put an overall grid, markers, useful for chipset making!), the color pick is easier than in MS Paint, you can test various color changes... To sum up, PaintShopPro allows you to do more things (advanced pixel-art) and more quickly than MS Paint. In fact you're more productive. But of course, it needs a few time to get into the software, you have to learn the basics before.

By the way I find Photoshop too "heavy" for pixel-art, and many other softwares too light (if you're pixel-arting a lot you may find useful to have layers, etc.). It depends on what you want to make, of course.

PS: I always forget to write it but, if you find some very big mistakes in my posts, I will really enjoy if someone could just tell me about it (I'm trying to improve my english ^^), thank you!

Your artistic tools

MS Paint for pixels

You're doing it wrong. ;)

Even for pixel-art I think MS Paint is awful. ^^

Multiple Languages

French > English > Spanish :p

I only speak a few words in spanish. :p
I'll make a video of me speaking english one of these days, I need feedback about my accent. ^^

Oh no its Ocean

O_o Great. O_o

Especially this one:

I really like it, and the rest too!

Your artistic tools

Paint Shop Pro
Sketchbook Pro
Animation Shop

Wacom Tablet too. ^^

RMN Pixel Art Contest

Congratulations to the winner. ;)

I'm happy I've reached the 2nd position. :P

American Exceptionalism: I drank the kool-aid. Did you?

Ody I would respond to you but I have no idea what you just said.

Erf. xD No matter.

I'll keep on training to speak english much better.