I like RPGs.
We the People
Summoners. Cults. Lettuce monsters. Just like real life.



Let's Try We the People (Session 4) {END}

Hey! Thanks for playing through this dumb game! Watched the whole thing today. What a blast from the past.


I was a big fan of your Carlsev and Hero’s Realm LPs. I’ll definitely be checking this out. Subbed.

Hali's Review Thread (Request Your Game!)

I wouldn't mind another review under my belt, if you get the chance.

We the People - Demo. Classic jrpg-style, a good bit of humor, maybe 2-3 hours, depending on play style.

LP'ers feel free to play too ;)

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Got the RPG Maker bug again, so I'm restarting my game from scratch. Actually going to write out an entire script this time, instead of pantsing my way through it.

Monster Sprites Requested

Hot damn, these look great.

Project1 Review

Legrand Legacy

This looks really really good.


Man, this game had me so much until the last scene.


Dat Lunar Water Dragon sprite!

Cool screenie!

Requests for Deckiller to review your game

If this is still a thing I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Loved your Hero's Realm and Carlsev Saga LPs.

I haven't worked on the game in about a year due to school and work and whatnot, and it's definitely a pretty rough demo in spots, but I'd still like to hear your thoughts.

We the People

It's between 1.5-2 hours (maybe a liiittle more if you decide to look for all the NPC dialogue (as it changes quite frequently) and stuff like that.