[RM2K3] How to make games run smoothly on modern PCs

Hi all,

I've been eyeballing several fantastic looking RM2K3 games to play them on my PC. Though my experience with Lufia V - For The Savior has made me a bit wary. Apparently, RM2K3 games and modern Graphics cards don't play nice. When starting an RM2K3 game on my PC, it switches to Fullscreen, making the game look blurry and the framerate takes a notable hit. When switching to windowed mode, everything looks razor sharp and the framerate is top notch, though... now the screen is way too small. Secondly, when playing with an (XBOX360) controller, it defaults movement to the analogue stick, with no way to switch it to the D-pad. Also, there is some kind of input lag, so you'll walk around like a drunken sailor.

So, the way I fixed the screen problems while playing Lufia V:
- Open AntiMicro to remap keyboard arrow keys to the XBOX360 controller
- Open the game
- Press F4 to switch to windowed mode
- Open Windows Magnifying Glass
- Zoom to 200%, and recenter the screen on a black background
- Connect my PC to a TV with HDMI and zoom a bit further on the TV, to make the borders above and below disappear from the screen.

That way the game runs fantastically. Though, it feels a bit overcomplicated to have to redo these steps every time I start the game.

So, how have you guys worked around these RM2K3 issues? Are there know fixes, patches, other solutions? Any help is greatly appreciated!

My PC Setup:
Windows 8.1
Intel I7
Nvidia Geforce GTX760M

Complete Fan JRPGs to recommend?

Hi all,

I recently played Lufia V: For The Savior Part 1 ( https://rpgmaker.net/games/4184/ ) and had a great time with this near perfect sequel to the Lufia games. I've been looking around at RPGMN looking for other complete fan titles worth playing. But I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the projects, and since you can't filter on "fan-games", it's kinda hard to find what I'm looking for.

So. Hopefully you all have some suggestions on fan-games I really should try. I'm mainly looking for jRPG fan games, for series like Lufia, Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Terranigma etc. I'm looking forward to some nice suggestions! Thanks in advance! :-)
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