OrudoPatto, kisama!
Hi, I'm OldPat, an italian indie game developer. I'm trying to improve as much as I can, hoping to reach a professional level one day.
I also like to draw a lot and that's another of the fields I'm trying to improve. My English is still a bit bad, so I hope you'll forgive me if I make any mistakes.^^'
Karma Flow - The Prototy...
A Short 2D Noir Open-Stealth game. "Florien Kealborn is ready to do anything for her own family, even challenge Karma itself."



[RM2K3] Hello, Aethiriat Games here

Yeah, more 2k3 fans!

Welcome, Aethiriat!^^

Connection: Fairy Birthbloom

Here it is!

The art in this game is really amazing and I already love each and every one of them fairies. I can't wait to conquer the heart of the Heart Fairy <3 Waifu confirmed.

Keep going, Zorga!

The Featured Game Thread

+ Villnoire

Looking Ahead

I'm glad you got it fixed, Sidewinder!

Carry on with da game!!^^

OIdPat's "Art" topic

thats pretty decent art ! :)

Thank you, Xaev^^

Also, I should update this topic a bit.

So, let's do this little by little. These are Concept Arts I made for the game I'm currently working on, Project "AIKA".

Aika Shizumi - Concept Art #1:

Direct Link: https://orudopatto.artstation.com/projects/A9XeDy

Testing portraits placement and BG (the background was made by Zorga):


Young Aika (?):


Various other Concept Arts:

Yellow Magic wants to play your games

Hi, Yellow!
I want to throw some of my games in here, if that's okay^^

Karma Flow - The Prototype (2015 - Action Stealth): https://rpgmaker.net/games/9099/

PSYCHE Locke (2018 - Adventure Game): https://rpgmaker.net/games/10681/

Both very short. Karma Flow's main story can be completed in two hours if you play it on Easy skipping all the extra contents (and playing it on Easy will allow you to beat the game without too much careful planning). Around four to five hours if you want to 100% it. PSYCHE Locke lasts one to two hours and is a much more linear experience. It also does not have any real battles, while Karma Flow has boss fights in between stealth missions (missions where you can also engage the enemy).

Theme Roulette 2

I won't make it in time, unfortunately.
Still, the game will be released eventually. Stay tuned!

That aside, congrats to whoever managed to finish!
You are the true heroes of RMN!

[Poll] Pick Your Poison (RMN Birthday Pre-Vote)

I'm not really a fan of really dumb events per se, so I would prefer the Twelfth Hour one so that I can at least make a dumb game without too many limitations and in a very small period of time.

In other news, today's my brithday!

Happy birthday, Marrend!!

Featured Game, Featured Dev: LolloRocketDiver

Very interesting interview! Good job to you, Cap, as always, for taking your time to spotlight interesting devs and congratulations to you, Lollo! I really hope Theia will gain many more players, it deserve tons and tons of love! There is really no other RPG Maker game like it.

And now we want NecHroma!

It's actually a shame that Fifth Era and Tales of Banalia are not translated. Those games are really, really good and they deserve to be played, especially FE.

Damn, I grew up a lot as a dev thanks to games like Fifth Era, they really inspired and shaped me. I'm really glad that I had a chance to play that little masterpiece back in the days. :)

And thank you for mentioning my games, Lollo. I'm really honoured. I really am^^