OrudoPatto, kisama!
Hi, I'm OldPat, an italian indie game developer. I'm trying to improve as much as I can, hoping to reach a professional level one day.
I also like to draw a lot and that's another of the fields I'm trying to improve. My English is still a bit bad, so I hope you'll forgive me if I make any mistakes.^^'
Karma Flow - The Prototy...
A Short 2D Noir Open-Stealth game. "Florien Kealborn is ready to do anything for her own family, even challenge Karma itself."



RMN 2023 promo "Make games, feel awesome"


One of the best if not THE best promo ever conceived for The Lady Puppet!

Lord, you made me laugh hard, I love this xD
Thank you for this amazingness!

(I should put an easter egg section where the tentacles move with the rhythm, yo)

A.I. Generation and RMN

Exactly, an idealistic approach to the matter.

Guess we'll see where this is going!

A.I. Generation and RMN

I wasn't suggesting mod putting tags on AI games, that would've defeat the whole purpose of "let's not bother them too much with something so uncontrollable as this".

I was suggesting users uploading their games doing that themselves (mods doing that is an "extra", let's say, if for some reason they'd find a game without a tag in it). In an environment where their games aren't banned/warned/frowned upon for using AIs, most of them would've probably do that happily and voluntarily (a good percentage of them, at least) and so it would've also been easy for us to filter them out if needed when searching for games, etc etc.

But the case is closed anyway, just wanted to better explain what I meant to Vaccaria, not trying to make this idea go through lol.

A.I. Generation and RMN

also do y'all remember this site?

Aw yeah, and it works flawlessly: https://i.imgur.com/vJ0Aakm.png

A.I. Generation and RMN

AI is part of progress
Horrifyingly true, but only in the 'linearity of time' sense of the word progress. I mean labour laws have progressed but we as a collectively still experience labor in a much more oppressive way than before capitalism the emergence of certain aspects of contemporaneous social organization.
Now whether that's progress in the more colloquial positive sense, that's another story

Never said it's "positive", nor "negative" for all that matters. It's just the direction we're headed in for now so of course many will take that route.
But we're now talking about game dev here, specifically our community.

Let's not please skim through the rest of what I just wrote, which isn't just a simple "I'm idealistic AI is bad so of course let's FIRE AT WILL" (which I understand, mind you) thing but a more elaborate take on how the frick can something like that being "left aside" in the most subtle but organized way possible. And it's by just allowing people to post what they want, do quality control so we can reject gargabe or very obvious art steal and then allow user to FILTER them off.

It's like putting a ban on alcohol. You're not gonna stop people from abusing the thing, it will just come in in a more hidden and "uncontrolled" way.

As I said, the problem is that you can't fight it off with a rule so generic as "we're banning everything that starts with A and ends with I" because that's not how you avoid the Itch.io like situation. And any feedback on the matter, to help ironing the rule out, seems pointless as the first post suggests that feedback will not be listened too.

(I mean, Itch.io like situation can be slightly avoided already by doing the quality control that has been done 'til now).

But if we want the staff to open each project that comes into the mix and find traces of AI in it, of course that's a road that can be taken.

I mean, whatever works best for the staff I guess, they have to do all the hard work not me :P

A.I. Generation and RMN

But the thing is RMN could *potentially* have the New assets tab flooded with junk games, AI or not. Sometimes it's assets flip. Sometimes is just "Imma do things at random with the RTPs".

But there's this thing RMN has that's important, it has THE QUEUE (TM all rights reserved).
Admins (Liberty) already go over all the games that get released and do a quick (or more profound?) quality check.

This isn't about AI, because junk games existed and SHALL continue to exist even without it. It's about junk games in general.

Rules about minimum quality requirements already exist and admins already stop gamepages not following said "bare minimum quality" rules from getting released to the public.

A.I. Generation and RMN

I do agree with the sentiment of not wanting AI generated content to infest the site, because I'm an old man and yeah.
Let's skim over how "generic" the rule is given how broad the AI matter is (because you've already talked about it).

But let's be honest.

It will happen, whether we want it or not. AI is part of progress and all I can think of is that this progress can't be stopped. It's like going back 10+ years and creating a discussion over not wanting digital art vs traditional art or like the example Marrend made, not wanting commercial games over free ones.

IMO, taking a stern approach in this case won't solve the problem, if anything it will amplify it. People will be like "oh yeah?" and they'll just upload AI generated games without telling.

And what's worse? Maybe we'll never know.
People will make AI games under our noses and wow, you know what's crazy? Some might even win Misaos! Can you imagine it? I shiver just thinking about it. Northern Lights stealing our misaos.

Let's make our own AI a la Person of Interest! And we'll use it to hunt down AI generated content. I'll be Reese version of making.
... Okay, I'll be Finch.

Anyway, this is a possibility, those tools are pretty strong nowadays. With minimal effort you could blend together all the elements generated with it and actually, perhaps, even make a pretty good game. But even if it weren't, we're used to bad games made by humans too. What difference does it make? How can you spot them? You simply can't.

And all of that will happen specifically because you've decided to take this approach.

Whereas if you'd decided to welcome said AI-generated games, giving them a proper category, people making those (or their AI) would've feel more welcomed and they would've uploaded said games, tagged/categorize them gladly and we, very easily, could've filter them out when searching for new games. This would've helped us get rid of a good percentage of AI-generated mess.

Instead, now we'll just happen to stumble upon AI-generated games.

I mean, you do you, because I understand this is more of a, let's say, idealistic approach to the matter and wanting to go against *mostly* all of those sites that steal art using AI.

But the word "AI" contains so many different meanings and involves so many different fields and way to use it that can be useful or malicious or not that... I dunno.
It feels like fighting a war shooting in the air hoping to hit something.

It's like if I decided to start a war against digital art because there is the possibility of copy pasting pieces of another artwork on my PC and blend them together. Or because CTRL-Z Makes everything easier you should put effort using the eraser and yada yada.

It's just... so generic? It's like seeing old men trying to go against the times changing, more than a community fighting an issue WITH its own community.

Then again, since you, the staff, yourselves said this isn't debatable I'll be okay with this, I mean we'll see where it goes, right?
It's not that big of a deal, I don't make games using AI anyway so (I'm just that awesome)

Acceptance 2ugar Diet Review


I now want to release a third game just to see another one! * _ *

Again, Acceptance is really silly and dumb, but what warms my heart is seeing people actually having fun and laughing thanks to it. It moves me that this game manages to do it. ^^

I'm really glad you like it and Imma save this fanart because it's AMAZING!

Thank you so much, Addict!^^

Me reading the review and people's feedback:

Also damn, the first one was in 2018 WOW


My body is ready for a lawsuit


Okay I must finally come true to you both.

Puddo drew it.
But it's all thanks to my direction that he came up with the detailest of all afros.

Accept it.