OrudoPatto, kisama!
Hi, I'm OldPat, an italian indie game developer. I'm trying to improve as much as I can, hoping to reach a professional level one day.
I also like to draw a lot and that's another of the fields I'm trying to improve. My English is still a bit bad, so I hope you'll forgive me if I make any mistakes.^^'
Karma Flow - The Prototy...
A Short 2D Noir Open-Stealth game. "Florien Kealborn is ready to do anything for her own family, even challenge Karma itself."



Featured Game, Featured Dev: OldPat

author=Little Wing Guy
This was a lovely little read on a rainy Sunday with a cup of tea.

Thanks for this, both of you!

Thank you, Wing Guy!

Featured Game, Featured Dev: OldPat

Awww Pat <3


Thank you, Lollo!^^

Featured Game, Featured Dev: OldPat

Thank you so much for the interview, Cap!
It felt good to talk a bit about my projects and the things that I like.^^


Congrats on game of the year! But my real question is... Are you really old?

Who knows? xD

And thank you, Tau^^

Misao Re-jiggify

I agree with Frogge and Cap. It's difficult to judge what games use *only* original resources, for the reasons Frogge listed. But we could think about an alternative to that. Something in the "Art Direction" area could work (although "Eye Candy" represents that too).

I also like psy's idea, to differentiate or at least add "unique" categories. Although I'm not against the idea of having categories like "Best characters", "Eye candy" etc etc. Example, a game could have a really bad plot but an extremely good art style and overall aesthetic and in that case it would be okay for it to win "Eye Candy award" instead of an "Excellence in Narrative" award. But it would be difficult for it to standout if the only category that's available is just "Best game, period". Genre-specific could also generate the "single game on multiple categories" problem, because there may be games that represent more than one genre.


Congrats to all the winners
@Old Pat I'm proud of you son

Kaine! Thank you^^

Misao Re-jiggify

Best Game Design Award?
Perhaps "Best Game Mechanics"?
For the most fun, interesting or original gameplay.

Or that, yeah.

Misao Re-jiggify

I don't know much about the previous awards and all but...
What about a "Best Characters Award"? As in, best Character Design or best Characterization for character in the story (although, these probably falls into both Eye Candy and Excellence in Narrative).

Best Game Design Award?

A Best Event Award sounds like a good addition.



PSYCHE Locke won.
I seriously didn't expect this.

It makes me feel really proud about the game. Despite it being a short, modest experience made in a short time span, I'm glad it was deemed worthy of recognition.

I'm really stupidly happy, right now. xD

I know I can do more, and I will, so...

Thank you, everyone, for giving the game a chance^^
And congrats to all of the other winners and partecipants! You made some really good games!

And thank you, Liberty and staff, for the feature spot. ç_ç

Gam mak a lot!

@lord: That GIF LOL xD


That's some thicc german accent.

Indeed xD