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Iris Island

I found this to be a very fun game, and I enjoyed it alot. One thing though is that I don't think that the game ever actually tells you that you can jump, or how to do so. I didn't know that I could until I came here and saw it in a few posts.

Level Feedback O-Z

Sorry I haven't posted my updated level yet, I've finished the revisions and will upload later today.

Level Feedback O-Z

Ah. Yes, I've gone back and fixed that already. I'm still not sure what Desmo meant when he said the underground was empty. There are a few Koopas and a lava pool in there after all.

Edit- Well, I think I might know why. I haven't checked, but it may be possible that if you wait too long that all 3 koopas will go into the lava pool. I'll have to check that.

Level Feedback O-Z

Alright Desmo and Solitayre, I'll take a look at my level with what you've said in mind and try to fix it. Thanks for the feedback.

Edit- I don't see what you mean with the water though, the version I have has it being perfectly swimable.

Edit 2- And there should also be a couple of Koopas in the underground area as well.

Edit 3- Anyways starting to edit my level. Can't really test it though, since when I tried my computer started opening up dozens ac3filter processes and slowed it down to a crawl. Does anyone else have that or a similar problem and know a solution?

Super RMN Bros. 2

Good to see that this is finally up. I'm looking forward to receiving feedback on my level.

Dragon Warrior Tactics

Really bad timing. I hope you continue to update this on a blog or something afterward.

Chronology of the Last Era

I want this. Subscribed and can hardly wait for it to be finished!

The Cure

Wall of text hurts my eyes, other then that this looks good though.


Edit- Oops, sorry for the double post.
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