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Level Feedback O-Z

Sorry I haven't posted my updated level yet, I've finished the revisions and will upload later today.

Level Feedback O-Z

Ah. Yes, I've gone back and fixed that already. I'm still not sure what Desmo meant when he said the underground was empty. There are a few Koopas and a lava pool in there after all.

Edit- Well, I think I might know why. I haven't checked, but it may be possible that if you wait too long that all 3 koopas will go into the lava pool. I'll have to check that.

Level Feedback O-Z

Alright Desmo and Solitayre, I'll take a look at my level with what you've said in mind and try to fix it. Thanks for the feedback.

Edit- I don't see what you mean with the water though, the version I have has it being perfectly swimable.

Edit 2- And there should also be a couple of Koopas in the underground area as well.

Edit 3- Anyways starting to edit my level. Can't really test it though, since when I tried my computer started opening up dozens ac3filter processes and slowed it down to a crawl. Does anyone else have that or a similar problem and know a solution?

Open for Testers!

I would be willing to test this. It'll be worth it if it makes the final product better.

Update: Peek at the New Features. Suggestions Welcome!

Well, I've finally gotten around to playing the latest version, and so far I'm happy to say that I haven't found any bugs. I'm having quite a bit of fun with the game and I'm looking foward to the full version, keep up the good work :D

Edit- Alright, I found a glitch. When fighting Piccolo all your physical attacks do a huge amount of damage. I'm not sure if it was because of the equipment I was wearing or what, but even the normal punch attack did over 700 damage.

Edit 2- Same thing seems to be happening with Junior Saibamen, but not Pterodactyls. Not sure if any of these are in the full game or not, but I figured I should report them anyways :P

New Version Available! Updated (08/01/10)

Alright, thank you. I'll continue with my game then and so that I have a decent understanding of what's already in. Afterwards, I would be happy to offer my opinion.

Edit- Oh yes, when fighting Roshi in his Jackie Chun disguise, he says that he'll give you a special reward if you win. I've beaten him several times in a row, yet no reward. Will I get it later, or is that another bug?

New Version Available! Updated (08/01/10)

I found a new bug in 3.00e, during the tournament itself at one point Goku goes to change out of his weighted clothing, yet even after I do this, whenever I try to reenter the lobby, Goku says that he needs to change still. Other then that, it's a great game although I can't find one item for a sidequest.

Edit- At least I hope it's a bug, and not just something I've forgotten to do.

New Version Available! Updated (08/01/10)

Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, it made me =( when I discovered it, especially after I found one of the hidden events that can happen before the prelims. From what little I could go through, I did have plenty of fun though, and I look foward to the full version.

New Version Available! Updated (08/01/10)

While I had fun playing what little I could, for some reason that I still haven't figured out, I can't continue to play after the World Tournament preliminaries start at the beginning of the game. It will continue to the point where everyone draws numbers, but after that the game just goes idle for the next three hours until the gameover screen appears =( edit- And this has happened in both the 3.00 b and 3.00 c versions. It doesn't seem to make any difference on what I do before the preliminaries either.
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