I am not an interesting person, I just like RM games. In the past I was playing standard MMORPG games like Lineage 2, WoW, Guild wars 2, Ragnarok online... well, I spent most of my time in Lineage 2, like 6-7 years. Today I am dragging yourself to learn japanese, it is pretty harsh tho. Also translating a little bit of anime. That is it.

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  • Omaj
  • 12/26/2014 06:39 PM

It Moves
If this game doesn't make your skin crawl…it's on too tight!
Japanese Horror Game
The Witch's House
Are you ready to die a lot? I promise you will die a lot in this game.
Razed are the Powerful
A witty near one-liner of an experience based on recruiting your favorite RTP heroes to fight alongside you.
Finding Eden
A microgame about friendship after the end of the world
A young girl named Ib visits an art gallery with her parents. While observing the many exhibits, she suddenly realizes she is alone.
The "monochromatic" game
An experience that will change your vision of the afterlife forever.
Alex Gets Oppai
A laugh at men's lowly desires for oppai.
The Longing Ribbon
Horror RPG, winner of the 2005 Misao for Best Atmosphere.
A tale of two unlikely friends struggling to piece together their broken pasts.
Shippu la Senpu
An arcade shmup fan adaptation of the anime show Kill la Kill by Studio Trigger.
Desert Nightmare (Englis...
English translation of a German horror adventure
Princess Princess
In this (first ever?) VXAce game made in VXAce Trial made in 25 hours