How bad is your eyesight?

Just curious as to how my eyesight stacks up against some other people in this community. I have a high to moderate degree of myopia, with my left eye being -5 or so and my right eye right around -7 with astigmatism. It could be much worse but I still feel blind as a bat! How about you guys? Are you nearsighted, farsighted, have the eyes of an eagle? Tell us all about it.

Game following real time

Hi there.

I am currently creating a game in RM2k3, and I have thought about implementing a system. I'm not sure if this is even possible, but I will ask anyhow. Basically, I would like to make a game that follows the real time of the player. The player would insert the real time and date at the beginning of the game, and it would be the same as real life whenever he played.
For instance:

-The player inputs "November 20th, 8:30 p.m." Consequently, it will be night in the game. Or if the time is in the morning, then it will be lighter outside, etc. I'm not too concerned about extreme realism here, such as changing sunrise/sunset depending on where the player lives, but you get the basic idea.

-If the player quits the game for one month, then the date will change accordingly - without him/her having to play the game.

My question is: Is there anyway to mod the engine, or otherwise patch RM2k3 so that it realizes the date on the player's computer and the date will change according to real life, as well as night/day(assuming the user has the correct time on their computer?)

Thank you for any help!

Crafting good story/characters

Hi there. I'd like to try my hand at making a RPG in RM2k3. However, story and characters PROBABLY aren't my strong point. I don't really know this, because no one has actually seen stories i've taken time to write(don't actually have any on hand now.) So my question is to you guys, what do you think constitutes a good story? Also, what about characters. What makes the characters interesting? Thanks for any replies.

Omcifer here

Hello everyone, I just registered here(obviously). I am an 18 year old male from North Carolina(I don't like it here). I like video games, traveling, learning, RPG development, music, and many other things. I like to tinker with RM2k3, but I haven't actually made anything yet. I plan to make something soon, and I'll probably post it here. I like a lot of different kinds of music, but I don't like country and most older songs from the 60's on down. Some artists I like are: Notorious B.I.G., Queen, Hollywood Undead, Enya, Orbital, Enigma, Guns N' Roses, Sean Kingston, Moby, Tupac, and that just names a verrry few of them.

I mostly enjoy RPG and First Person Shooter games, but I like many types. My favorite RPG ever is Chrono trigger. Secret of Mana, FF IV V VI VII IX are among my favorites, but I like many others that I've played. My favorite FPSs are Team Fortress 2, Halo: CE, Perfect Dark, Half Life, Half LIfe 2, Unreal Tournament 99, and Quake III: Arena.

I'm currently in my first year of college. I will probably continue on to study pharmacy, but many things have crossed my mind. Oh yeah, and I also go by this same pseduonym at gamingw, so you might of seen me post there before.
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