The Seven Seals

I hope you come back to this someday i highly enjoyed what is there

Unlockable Guests

/me wants some tifa/aeris/yuffie

Rance - The Brutal Legend

sadness it doesnt feel like rance otherwise

Rance - The Brutal Legend

is there a adult version of this?

Primeforce: Red Dawn Rising

game wont launch says its corrupted

Ara Fell

first download B***** woo!

Is Hero's Realm worth remaking commercially?

I think it would be fine to sell, especially if you add some more content (expecially new classes)

Deus Cards

i heavily dislike the game. You have 0 chance to even see what your cards do, or save before that long ass intro, before you get thrown into a battle, and if you try to decide while cards are neutral to see what they do, you start getting your ass kicked, because apparently that counts as an action I just looked to see what my first card did (not even playing anything, and then i lose 1/3rd of my life in a single blow

Cid Margrace, Animal Lover

make him a bard and name him mogzart

DBZ Vegeta's Quest!

Gonna be honest, several problems with this game 1. a saibaman and wolf should not be able to almost kill trunks and vegeta 2. the chi isnt removing or moving the boulder, 3. time chamber is too dark.
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