I am Omus mainly an Artist of skill in a wide variety of useful mediums for the computer and videos including music.

"First you must become miserable, misery drives you to create, then you can become
less miserable from your genius creations, then the spotlight fades; Rinse and Repeat
to be a Timeless Artist."



RPG Tsukuru 2003

RM2K3 Single Installer! Coming to a store near you!

(Sorry, illegal. We don't allow links on-site of the actual program itself because of the legal issues. Besides, Google is made for searching. Use it.)

One installer includes the basic Run Time Pack(img/sound files etc).
You may need to use a compatability with windows xp. if it doesnt correctly install
try that but it should be mostly fine.

I also have made (or edited custom RTP pics i dled) a Giant archive of custom and ripped RTP files from Backgrounds - Battle Animations - Chars+Battle Chars - Chipsets and Monsters. Also I have drastically edited and re-edited the
system (the msg windows and selection bars etc) and system2 (the battle specific windows/time bars/hp-mp bars etc) to the point that there is a style and varied color of Each style to pick a completely unique game layout just to your taste!

(Most of these things are illegal to do to the program due to EULA. Keep in mind that trying to distribute cracked software is illegal, especially when it's also messing with the code itself.)
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