Ouroboros (DEMO) Review

Hey thanks for the review! Sorry for the late reply, I'm not as active here as I should be. I am in the middle of a rewrite of the heavy exposition and adding in lore spots instead. The spacing sequence was made that way because Hollywood has made people assume that is how you die in space. Might change that but Gentry has to find her because towards the end of the demo you have a chance to see her again. The full game actually will address the Alcubierre drive concerns you mentioned. Don't forget Julie's a reporter and that is a purposeful "oversight". The crew sprites are changing and they will have busts. Speaking of busts, there's been no upscaling. What you see is an effect to give it a more drawn, cell shaded and unique look than the rendered look. All other pictures have the same filters for consistency. Further in the game but not the demo, you will find use for the bullets found and you might have to reprogram a robot to aid you...

Thanks for checking the demo out

Ouroboros (DEMO)

@jai2016 thanks for checking out Ouroboros! Excellent Let's Play. You made it further than others in that amount of time! I am currently working on cutting down alot of the front loading exposition at the beginning plus busts for the crew and new sprites with a more fluid walk cycle. Keep up the great work.

@Martimus What would you like to know about the doors?

Ouroboros (DEMO)

Once you choose the wrong option, the player gains control again and can run away, but I hear what you're getting at.

Ouroboros (DEMO)

Thanks for checking out the demo, working on some bug fixes, new sprites for most of the NPCs, more busts, chopping down the exposition at the beginning etc. Next up date will look a bit more polished I hope. Oh ya, Julie's got curves in just the right places, lol.
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