The Avatar is a little homage to one of my favorite comedy series the Mighty Boosh; The actor is Richard Ayoade, and he plays Saboo.


The name's Alex, but I am usually referred to as "Axel", or "That guy over there jacking your motor".

I am a student as of now, and I am working my way for a few GCSE's here and there, especially Art, History & Computing. My mind is complex, and by that I mean really complex, TRUST ME, IT'S A GOOD THING BRO. I got into game design well over five years ago and RPG Maker was what brought me here, and what's been keeping me here; Mainly because when I focus on my work, I end up making really radical things with the program.

Anything I make on here would make up a good portfolio if I ever do decide to go further into Game Design but, as for now I think I will chill & stick around here, as I said, this place is pretty awesome


Oh, I also have some awesome-esque project I'm in the progress of making, and I'm pretty damn stoked at the result so far.

Well, That's my Two Cent's.
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