Who is Ookami Kasumi?
-- She's this chick who lives in a small apartment with her 3 cats, her computer, and her coffee machine. She chain-smokes Djarum Black cigarettes, writes for smut for a living under the name Morgan Hawke, while listening to movie soundtracks. In her spare time she make little games with the RenPy Visual Novel Engine.

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The Adventures of Prince...
A Russian Fairy Tale ~ Visual Novel
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All successful (read: popular) stories have patterns. Sometimes it's simple, sometimes it's complex, but all of the stories read or told often enough to remain in the popular mind of any culture have a pattern, a plot.
03/13/2012 11:13 AM
Structure of the GOTHIC Tale
What is the difference between a Gothic tale and a Horror story? Intent. Seriously.
03/13/2012 11:26 AM
Writing HORROR - Part 1
When writing a Horror story, one must begin with a Monster. The most terrifying of course, are the ones you don’t notice, or refuse to notice. The ones right next to you.
03/14/2012 09:55 PM
Writing HORROR - Part 2
Okay, now that you have a Monster, what’s next? A Place for terrible deeds to happen, some Terrible Deeds, a Hero, and a Story.
03/14/2012 10:27 PM
Writing Tip: How Smutty should you make Your Game?
When used cleverly, smut can be an amazing tool to enhance a story. However, when used badly, or worse; as an afterthought, --"Oh hey, let's add some smut scenes!"-- smut can utterly ruin an otherwise entertaining game.
08/15/2012 06:28 PM
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